101+ Best Quilt Patterns for Free: Quilt Block Patterns, Quilt Patterns for Baby, and More


101+ Best Quilt Patterns for Free: Quilt Block Patterns, Quilt Patterns for Baby, and More

Find your next easy quilt project in our list of the best free quilt patterns and tutorials!


Best Quilt Patterns for Free

Make sure the quilt projects you choose to tackle are the absolute best with this list of the 101+ Best Quilt Patterns for Free: Quilt Block Patterns, Quilt Patterns for Baby, and More. We've put together a list of the most popular, most enticing projects that have been featured on our website in the past year. You can't go wrong with these awesome free quilt patterns!

We've made sure to include every type of quilt pattern that quilters can't get enough of, from simple and easy patchwork quilt patterns to more complicated projects like paper piecing and applique. These free quilt patterns and tutorials are some of the most popular projects on FaveQuilts, so you're sure to find something you love. If you're just starting out with quilting, or are looking for a great project to challenge yourself, then you're in the right place! Find your new favorite quilt pattern in our list of the best quilt patterns for free.

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Free Applique Patterns

Use the free applique patterns to make the quilts in the photos below, or applique the shapes onto any sewing project you choose! These projects are great for those new to quilting or if you've ever wanted to try your hand at applique. Applique projects are fantastic scrap busters and are the perfect way to easy yourself into quilting if you're a beginner. Plus, they're super budget-friendly! Find more applique quilt patterns in our collection of How to Applique Videos + 20 Free Applique Designs!

Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern

Make an adorable baby blanket in no time at all with this simple baby quilt pattern. With butterfly applique and a pink ruffle trim, the Butterflies a Flutter Baby Quilt Pattern has a crisp white background, covered in swirly free-motion quilting.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Applique

Nothing says fall like enjoying your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. With its easy downloadable template, you can create the perfect finishing touch for a fall bag, mini quilt, or scarf by making a sweet applique that embodies everything fall.

Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug

The Sunrise Semi Dresden Mug Rug is made with half a Dresden plate quilt pattern, aligned along the bottom edge of the mug rug so it looks like a rising sun. Simply applique the semi Dresden plate to a white background, and the entire top is completed!

Summer Garden Quilt

This is one of the most summery downloadable applique quilt patterns! The Summer Garden Quilt features cheerful birdhouse, watering can, flower, and bird appliques against a simple piecework background.

County Fair Lolli Quilt

This adorable and unique quilting pattern combines simple patchwork, applique patterns, and charm packs to make a darling wall-hanging that could easily double as a baby quilt pattern. You will adore using brightly color prints and polka dot fabrics when you quilt this vintage quilting pattern.

Walking on Sunshine

You'll feel like you're up in the clouds when you finish making this Walking on Sunshine mug rug. Applique birds onto a cheerful blue background to make a springtime scene.

Crazed Angry Birds Blanket

Instead of playing the popular game Angry Birds, why not draw them yourself? You can now have your very own angry birds blanket! Using this tutorial, you can learn how to use machine applique patterns, sew, and create your new fleece blanket.

Sweet Applique French Macarons

Say 'oui oui' to the cutest new appliques for quilts, these Sweet Applique French Macarons. Not only are these French-inspired applique quilt designs easy to make, but they are also extremely versatile. Use them as the final touch for small quilt projects like mug rugs, towels, and quilt blocks.

Fusible Appliques for Kids

Use one of these fun fusible appliques for kids to embellish a t-shirt, onesie, pillow, or quilt. These children's applique patterns include an octopus and a rocket ship perfect little boys!

Snow Birds Mug Rug Pattern

This adorable DIY mug rug would make a fantastic quilted gift for a friend or family member. It’d be the perfect stocking stuffer, too.  Make your chocolate-sipping evenings by the fire even more festive by learning how to make a mug rug that is all cheer.

Quilt Block Patterns

What's one of the most important aspects of quilting? Creating quilt blocks, of course! Most quilts are formed using traditional block designs, so if you've been searching for some new project ideas, then be sure to check out this list of free quilt block patterns. Find fun quilt blocks to use in all your quilt projects in this collection of block designs. Most of these quilt block patterns are scrappy, so you can dig into your stash to make these projects. Quilt blocks are great for beginners, and they're great ways to experiment with colors and prints. Check out all of our Quilt Block Patterns!

Nordic Star Mini Block Tutorial

Take a trip across the Atlantic and embrace traditional Scandinavian quilting with this gorgeous Nordic Star Mini Block Tutorial. Using half-square triangles, you can create a beautiful star block that's perfect for the holiday season.

Scrappy Geese Quilt Block

This tutorial uses the flying geese quilting technique to create a lovely geometric patchwork design. For pops of color, be sure to make the flying geese with prints that will accent the rest of the block and create a beautiful quilt!

Fast Forward Quilt Block

Follow this tutorial to make a quilt block composed of half square triangles from your favorite jelly roles, charm packs, or scraps. The result will be a stunning, attention-grabbing project you can use to accent your living room, or give away as a gift to a friend.

Reverse Applique Circles Block

The Reverse Applique Circles Block tutorial demonstrates how to create a machine reverse applique block with several different size circles. You can use this applique technique to make bubbles, polka dots, or any other circle pattern.

Beach and Boots Quilt Block Pattern

Learn how to make a quilt that reminds you of the surf and sand when you learn how to quilt with this free chevron quilt block pattern. Think seashells, sun, flip-flops and sandy toes when you sew up this sun-tastic wonder.

Easy Corner Tree Block

This tree of life block is much easier than it looks! Even piecing the triangle that includes the tree trunk is super simple! Use this block to add interest to the corners of plainer quilts.

Wonky Square

Who said quilt block patterns had to be perfect geometric arrangements? This 12.5" square block would make a great, easy crazy quilt block or scrap quilt block!

Fun House Log Cabin Quilt Block

If this wonky quilt block reminds you of looking down a fun house hallway, you aren't alone! The Fun House Log Cabin Quilt Block uses free-form piecing to create an off-kilter pattern of concentric squares in red, white, and black.

Teal Appeal 16 Patch Quilt

Grab a handful of blue fabrics and learn how to make a quilt that shines like the ocean on a tropical summer day with the Teal Appeal 16 Patch Quilt.

Quilt Patterns for Baby

Sew up an adorable baby quilt for the next baby shower you attend. Baby quilts are smaller, easier projects than creating full bed quilts, so they're the perfect quilting projects for beginners. These quilt patterns for baby will make a great gift for any new mommy and are a great keepsake idea as well. If you've got a new grandbaby in the family, then these free baby quilt ideas are absolutely perfect. Find even more baby quilt pattern ideas in our collection of 15 Surprising Baby Quilt Patterns.

No-Fuss FQ Baby Quilt

Making baby quilt patterns does not need to take too much time and effort. If you want a baby quilt that you will not worry about baby spitting up on or ripping while out and about, this easy peasy pattern is for you.

Fat Quarter Rainbow Baby Quilt

Fat quarter quilt patterns make choosing and buying fabric easy. Select 6 fat quarters in all different colors for this Fat Quarter Rainbow Baby Quilt. The unique way of piecing the fabric in this baby quilt pattern creates a beautifully colorful effect.

Bodhi's Falling Blocks Quilt

Break out of the structure of traditional baby quilt patterns and try Bodhi's Falling Blocks Quilt! The simple framed blocks in this quilt are just as easy as they look, but off-setting them on a plain background gives the quilt a playful feeling!

Lil' Twister Quilt

Start off with a patchwork quilt of simple squares - you can even use scraps to make the patchwork - and then use the twister tool to cut the quilt into whirligig quilt blocks. Put all the blocks back together, and you'll have a twister quilt that looks a lot more difficult than it was.

Minky Rag Quilt Tutorial

Design a soft and cuddly quilt for your newest grandbaby using warm, minky fabric with this rag quilt tutorial. You can make this rag quilt in just a few days, so it's a fantastic gift idea for an upcoming baby shower or birthday gift.

Baby Steps Cuddle Quilt

You'll love to make this snuggly baby quilt pattern for the little ones in your life. The Baby Steps Cuddle Quilt is constructed with a few simple squares and rectangles of plush fabric, but has an adorable stair step pattern.

Sapphires and Rubies Baby Quilt

Create a beautiful gift for a special little someone with this Sapphires and Rubies Baby Quilt. This colorful baby quilt uses easy block patterns for an eye-catching but simple design that's perfect for a nursery.

Dresden Tumbler Quilt

While this simple striped tumbler quilt pattern may not look like classic Dresden plate quilts, you might be surprised to find that it uses a Dresden ruler to create the perfect wedges in each stripe.

Little Picket Fence Quilt

This delicate rendition of the classic rail fence quilt pattern is a wonderful quilt for a baby's room. The Little Picket Fence Quilt is a rail fence quilt arranged so that the soft green, pink, turquoise, and lilac fabrics create zigzags across the quilt.

Baby's Day Out Quilt

You can make this quilt with fat eighth precuts or layer cakes, so if you have scraps laying around, this is your chance to use them. Even better, there are no seams to match on this quilt except at the corners.

Ombre Baby Quilt Pattern

Grab some fat quarters and learn how to make a stunning and stylish baby quilt pattern that is shockingly easy to create. All you need to make this Ombre Baby Quilt Patternis a handful of fat quarters in varying shades of one color as well as white squares to create the patchwork design.

Star Quilt Patterns

You can never go wrong with a classic! Classic star quilt patterns get updates and variations in these cute star quilt projects. Star quilt patterns are one of the classic quilt patterns that traditional quilters love. Make one of our full-size star quilts, or pick a favorite star block to make your own quilt pattern! This list of free star quilting ideas contains both traditional and modern designs, so there's something for everyone. Try more star quilt patterns with our free eBook, Spectacular Quilt Star Patterns: How to Make a Quilt with 8 Star Quilt Block Patterns and Quilted Star Designs.

Giant Vintage Starflower Quilt

Use big swaths of vintage sheets or reproduction fabrics to make an extra-large starflower. This tutorial for making vintage sheet quilts really lets the retro prints shine.

Blazing Stars Quilt

This rustic king quilt pattern will give your master bedroom a Western feel, with its lone star quilt blocks, brown and gold colors, and floral prints. As a bedspread, the Blazing Stars Quilt is the perfect centerpiece to a room.

Cathedral Stars Quilt

The Cathedral Stars Quilt is an intricate two block star quilt that draws inspiration from a stained glass cathedral window. This cathedral star quilt pattern is made by piecing star blocks and chain blocks together on the diagonal.

Eccentric Star Quilt Block

Make a celestial star quilt block pattern when you check out this stunning and surprisingly simple free quilting pattern.This 12 inch quilt block pattern would look great created over and over again and combined to make one quilt.

Star Flower Quilt Block

Make pretty free quilt block patterns with this gorgeous and simple star quilt pattern for beginners. This block pattern for quilting uses the turnover triangles technique in order to create a start that is sure to shine bright on any quilt.

Bright Hopes Star Block

Learn how to avoid using tricky Y-seams in most bright hopes blocks with this tutorial, and then incorporate these creative star quilt blocks into your next star quilt.

Starbright Quilted Potholder

This potholder features a wonky patchwork star pattern that's easy to piece and shows your love of quilting. This project is great for practicing piecework!

Nutmeg Star Quilt Block

Grab all of the burnt orange, cinnamon brown, corn yellow, leafy green, and nutmeg tan fabric you can and create a handful of these star block patterns to create one homey and fall-friendly quilt.

String Pieced Star Quilt Pattern

Using several different types of fabric to bring together an eclectic design, this pattern is a fantastic way to use up scraps while still creating a full quilt pattern.

Heart Quilt Patterns

Show your special someone how much you love them with one of these pretty and personal heart quilt patterns. Heart quilt patterns are pretty gifts and decorations for romantic occasions like Valentine's Day, weddings, or anniversaries. Heart quilts also make excellent projects for new grandbabies or upcoming baby showers, and are the best way to add a touch of love to your next quilt project. We have even more heart quilt patterns.

Cutie Pie Baby Quilt Patterns

With no seams to line up and quick-fused raw edge applique, this baby quilt is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to applique and a fast, fun quilting project for expert quilters.

Love Knot Anniversary Table Runner

This table runner can also double as a Valentine's Day quilt pattern. Commemorate a special occasion by learning how to make table runner patterns that are perfect as keepsake quilts.

Crazy In Love Wedding Quilt

Learn how to applique with this stunning free quilting pattern that includes free applique designs for funky and fun hearts. This adorable wedding quilt pattern shows you how to combine applique patterns with cute quilt blocks in order to create a pattern that truly celebrates the power of love.

Improvised Heart Quilt Block

Use up your red, pink, and purple scraps to add dimension to its heart shape. This is an excellent pattern for a scrappy, yet coordinated quilt, and it's a perfect way to say "I love you" by using these simple quilt blocks to make a cozy, handcrafted quilt.

Cornered Heart Quilt Block

This quilt block pattern uses applique to place the hearts directly onto background fabric. The hearts are formed from two teardrop-shaped pieces of fabric, which are cut out using templates.

Paper Piecing Patterns

Paper piecing makes piecing and quilting even easier. The precise seams of paper piecing allow you to make all kinds of shapes, pictures, and angles that you could never dream of with regular piecing techniques! We know paper piecing seems intimidating but trust us, these projects are the perfect way to give paper piecing a shot. If you've been searching for a way to up your quilting game, then paper pieicing should be next on your list. Check out our full selection of free paper piecing patterns.

Winter Trees Block Pattern

Create a striking quilt block that's perfect for frosty winter weather with this Winter Trees Block Pattern. Made in icy blues and stark neutrals, this paper piecing pattern is great for beginner quilters and is a combination of the traditional chevron design with a modern edge.

Rainbow String Quilt

This is one of the most colorful scrap quilts to make with your leftover fabrics! Cut brightly colored fabrics into strips, and foundation piece them to make this string quilt pattern.

String Pieced Hot Pads

These stashbusting String Pieced Hot Pads will look just adorable in your kitchen if you use fabric scraps that coordinate with your decor.

Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial

Quilters on the lookout for a challenge and a unique star quilt pattern will adore this unique paper piecing pattern. This bright and beautiful Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial shows you how to use paper piecing methods to create a quilt block pattern that resembles a pom pom or starburst.

Paper Pieced Pop Bottle

You probably didn't realize you needed free paper piecing templates for soda bottle blocks until now, but once you see this adorable Paper Pieced Pop Bottle, you'll want to make it right away! The finished block has a kitschy, retro feel.

Crown of Thorns Block Pattern

This simply stunning paper piecing pattern is sure to be a hit with traditional quilters and is an easy way to try out paper piecing. Inspired by vintage patterns, this gorgeous block pattern is a fantastic charm pack project and measures at 12" x 12".

Roaring Deer Quilt Block

Add a touch of the wild woods to your home or quilt patterns when you download this free paper piecing block pattern. The Roaring Deer Quilt Block features a majestic deer and comes with a downloadable template.

Feather Paper Piecing Pattern

Completely on trend and whimsical, this paper piecing pattern shows you how to create a feather out of colorful fabric scraps that you could easily transform into a quilt block pattern or lovely table runner.

Easy Quilt Patterns

We can never get enough of beginner-friendly quilts. These easy quilts to make are great for beginners, and some can even be made in a single weekend. If you're looking for a simple project to help you practice your quilting skills, or just a quick pattern to whip up in a few hours, you've come to the right place. These easy quilt patterns are both beginner and budget-friendly. Plus, be sure to check out these beginner quilt patterns for quilters of every skill level.

Wonky Log Cabin Throw

Use a rainbow of colors in these blocks for a light and playful quilt! You can use this quilt patterns in many different ways: as a wall hanging, draped over a sofa, or even used as a picnic blanket in the summer time.

Lightning Fast Mini Quilt

Small quilt projects give you the sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a quilt, but they can be finished in just a few hours. This super-fast, colorful mini quilt is also a wonderful stash-buster.

Halloween Squared Quilt

Celebrate Halloween with this Halloween Squared Quilt. The square in a square design makes this one of the fastest simple quilt patterns that you can make this spooky holiday season.

Chinese Windows Bed Quilt

The Chinese Windows Bed Quilt incorporates muted tones into a simple pattern that gives the effect of diamond-patterned stained glass windows. This pattern is for bed quilts, so use it for a bedroom or guest room.

Flutterby Butterfly Garden

By piecing together scraps of beautiful pastel and floral fabrics, you can recreate the look of a floating butterfly using this butterfly quilt pattern. The geometric shapes that make up the wings of each butterfly are a fresh take on a classic spring image.

Piece O' Cake Quilt

Working with free bed quilt patterns can be a bit stressful, but not with this beginner quilt pattern. You'll easily switch between solid patterns and some cute little square in a square quilt block patterns until you've made a chic new bed quilt that's really a piece of cake!

Fabric Storage Bin

Fabric totes and baskets are great for storage! You can make a Fabric Storage Bin in any color or print you like. They have no sharp edges, so they are safe and practical for baby's rooms and children's rooms.

Easiest Ever Panel Quilt

Tackle your very first quilt with the Easiest Ever Panel Quilt tutorial in hand! This queen size quilted bed cover is the simplest of simple quilt patterns with only a few panels to sew together for a gorgeous quilt.

Amish Bar Mug Rug Pattern

If you're intrigued by Amish quilt patterns but don't have time or inclination to make a whole quilt, try out some common Amish quilt patterns in mug rugs instead! This Amish Bar Mug Rug gives you the bold patchwork of Amish quilts without all the work.

Plaid for Dad Comfort Quilt Pattern

Go mad for plaid this winter with this quilt pattern inspired by plaid menswear designs. Snuggle up with a warm plaid lap quilt by the fire with this free comfort quilt pattern.

Scrap Quilt Patterns

Don't spend money on expensive fabric. Tackle your fabric stash with these colorful, thrifty scrap quilt patterns. You won't have to buy any new fabric to make these quilt projects. Scrap quilts have long been a beloved type of quilt with traditional quilters and their popularity stems from the Great Depression, when money for new fabric was scarce. Check out our Top 20 Scrap Quilt Patterns.

My Blue Heaven Bed Quilt

Make a few of these beautiful, blue full bed quilts for your own home and as gifts for friends and family. The My Blue Heaven Bed Quilt combines blue and tan scraps in an Ohio star quilt pattern modified with puss in the corner blocks.

Scatter Sunshine Baby Quilt

Versatile, simple patterns for scrap quilts can be hard to find, but this Scatter Sunshine Baby Quilt is the perfect quilt pattern for all of your smallest scraps. Intersperse strips of scraps with white strips to give this quilt a brighter feel.

Fun With Bricks Scrap Quilt

This easy scrap quilt pattern provides several options for setting the blocks, including a traditional barn raising setting. Free bed quilt patterns are the best ways to be cost effective and still have the chance to work on your home decor.

Hundred Patch Charm Quilt

Put all those tiny scraps to use with this easy scrap quilt pattern! The Hundred Patch Charm Quilt uses 100 two-inch squares in each of 12 scrap quilt blocks. In the quilt shown, each block contains 100 different fabrics for a real scrapbuster!

Crayon Box Quilt

Use this simple and free-form pattern to make full-bed quilts for kids' bedrooms. This crayon quilt pattern features blocks made of strips, squares, and bricks.

Weed Whacker Bed Quilt

The Weed Whacker Bed Quilt plays with strips and triangles to create a stripey quilt with an almost 3-dimensional effect.

The Incredible Scrappy Bargello

Explore the bargello quilting technique with this easy scrap quilt pattern before moving on to a more complicated bargello design. Your leftovers deserve to be shown off just as much as your new fabrics, and a bargello quilt pattern like this is just the way to do so.

Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Nine patch quilt patterns are some of the easiest patchwork designs you can do. Perfect for beginners, these quilting ideas are sure to be a hit with those new to quilting. Nine patch quilts are also perfect for precut fabric like charm squares, so they're budget-friendly as well as easy. Find new and creative ways to use them with these easy quilt projects. For more nine patch patterns, check out 30 Free Nine Patch Quilt Patterns + Other Nine Patch Designs.

Scrappy Nine Patch Mini Quilt

The Scrappy Nine Patch Mini Quilt is a fabric lover's dream. This free quilt pattern is a spritely little piece that is perfect for decorating your home.

Avant Garde Double Disappearing Nine Patch

This innovative style teaches you how to make a fractured nine patch quilt block, which looks complicated but is actually incredibly simple!

Disappearing Nine Patch Mini Quilt Wall Hanging

This magic nine patch quilt is deceptively easy to make. One fussy cut panel gives the quilt a sense of focus. You will be finished sewing mini quilts from this pattern in just a few hours!

Snowball Nine Patch Pattern

Create a quilt that combines two popular types of quilt blocks effortlessly when you piece together the Snowball Nine Patch Pattern. Scrappy and absolutely lovely, you are going to adore creating this cute quilt.

I Spy Disappearing Nine Patch

This scrappy and precious ideas allows you to create a nine patch pattern that displays a myriad of fabric designs, allowing your kiddos to play I-spy with the adorable quilting pattern.

Magic Disappearing 9 Patch Table Runner

This tutorial uses disappearing nine patch quilt directions to give your dinner table a unique look. It can be designed for any holiday or occasion!

Comfort and Charm Irish Chain Quilt

With simple nine patch blocks that form a single Irish chain quilt pattern, you can create a beautiful quilt without knowing much about piecework. The flannel prints make this quilt cozy enough for winter!

Wall Quilt Patterns

Decorate your walls in quilting with these beautiful wall quilt patterns. Wall quilts are a great way to decorate your home and are a fantastic way to show off art quilts or holiday projects. Wall quilts are also perfect gift ideas for birthdays and holidays, and are a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your home decor. These are our all our most popular wall quilts from last year! For more wall quilt patterns, head on over to full collection of wall quilt patterns.

Desert Sunset Wall Quilt

Add purple and orange fabrics for a fiery quilt that incorporates the most beautiful colors of the desert. Wall quilts made with this pattern will give a Southwest feel to any room.

Strawberry Fairy Panel Quilt

Give your wall a cute, folksy feel with wallhanging quilt patterns featuring adorable panels! If you love panel quilts, try out this magical, woodsy quilt!

Shine Bright Holiday Tree

Combine star block patterns, free applique designs, and piecework to create this intricate design for a quilted wall hanging. This quilted decoration is the perfect addition to any home around the holidays.

Hole in the Barn Door Wall Hanging

Resembling a classic and country barn door, this wallhanging adds some seriously chic country style. If you are in need of a new decoration at home, try your hand at making a bright and cheery wall hanging.

Cats Around the World Quilt

Calling all cat lovers! This free quilt around the world pattern is for quilters who adore their furry friends so much they want to make a quilted tribute to them.

Christmas Row Houses Pattern

Little houses line up next to each other against a snowy backdrop to create a snapshot of a winter's night. This pattern includes exact measurements and sizes so that you can copy the design exactly as seen.

Flower Quilt Patterns

Celebrate spring and summer with floral quilts that feature your favorite blooms with this list of flower quilts to make.. Flower quilt patterns have been popular for quilters for decades, and it's no surprise why! These Flower Quilt Patterns are sure to brighten up your day and contain simple quilt patterns that make a lot of impact. If you love these, you will love our flower quilt blocks, too.

Vintage Meadow Quilt

This quilt has the same aesthetic of vintage sheet quilts, but it is actually a pillowcase quilt. If you can find a collection of vintage sheets or pillowcases, you can make this pretty triangle quilt pattern.

No Fuss Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

Who says you have to paper piece hexies for hexagon quilts? With Accuquilt Go! dyes, you can make this No Fuss Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt without English paper piecing the individual hexagons or hand stitching the hexagons together.

Spring Table Topper

Springtime quilts are a great way to usher in a new season! Make this table topper to remind you of blooming flowers and bright blue skies during the first months of spring.

Vintage Flower Mug Rug

Made in muted colors, this mug rug pattern has the feeling of primitive quilt patterns, but you can also make it in bolder colors for more impact. The tutorial also includes detailed instructions for freezer paper machine applique.

Darling Daisies Applique Quilt

Daisy quilt patterns are beautiful projects to make for spring and summer! This piece is quilted using an all-over leaf design that complements the daisy appliques.

Love Blossoms Again

You can use applique and fusible interfacing to create this precious block. The beautiful pink of the cherry blossoms contrasts nicely with the dark brown branch in this tree applique pattern.

Glorious Garden Floral Quilt

The piecework in this flower garden quilt incorporates different floral prints for a patchwork garden. This quilt will luxuriantly cover a full size bed.

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Jelly rolls, or bundles of coordinating fabric pre-cut in 2-1/2" strips, are a great way to make beautiful quilts with different prints from the same fabric collection. Quilters love jelly roll quilts because they're very budget-friendly and are usually very quick to make. Jelly rolls are also perfect for strip quilting, and are a charming way to mix colors and prints. Learn new and interesting ways to use a jelly roll in a quilt. Find 45 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns here.

Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

This pieced quilt incorporates an eye-catching design idea that places your jelly roll strips as the center of attention. You can use one jelly roll, or mix and match old scraps to create a bright and unique quilt pattern.

Summer Jewels Quilt

The pretty pattern is designed just for beginners, so even if you aren't an experienced quilter, you can jump right in!

Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt

This baby quilt pattern is actually a super fast jelly roll quilt. Piece together jelly rolls, cut, and re-piece to create the sixteen patches.

Gobble Chain Quilt

The model quilt showcases warm fabrics in earth-tones, but this king quilt pattern could just as easily be made in brights or pastels for different decorating schemes. The appliqued flowers on top of the quilt make for a nice touch to the bedroom.

Magic Jelly Roll Quilt

This baby quilt pattern will make bright and cheery baby quilts with "magic" cutting and piecing that you can finish in just a few hours. Strip quilt piecing makes the baby quilt design look intricate, but piecing it together won't take you long.

Rail Fence Picnic Quilt

This picnic blanket pattern combines rail fence blocks with nine patches and a bold black and white sashing for a quilt with a retro feel. Any outdoor setting will feel a little bit more glamorous and bright.

A Hundred Hugs Baby Quilt

Make this quilt in shades of pink for a girl or shades of blue for a boy. Nine patch quilt block patterns are very popular right now, and you can learn how to change your quilting routine with this easy variation.

Christmas Quilt Patterns

Deck the halls for the holidays with these festive Christmas quilt patterns. Make a whole Christmas quilt, or find holiday blocks you can use in all kinds of projects, like table toppers, wall hangings, or other holiday decorations. Tis the season to show off your quilting skills. Find more holly jolly quilt patterns in our full list of Christmas quilting projects.

Christmas Spirit Pinwheel Placemats

Combine two classic quilt patterns to make fun and festive placemats for your holiday meal with this easy quilting tutorial. Made using a star and pinwheel block, this easy tutorial for how to make placemats is a great way to add a splash of color to your family Christmas dinner.

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt Block

Piece together novelty fabrics to build a festive log cabin quilt block, and then use the block in simple Christmas quilt patterns. Feel your heart and the rest of your home warm right up with this amazing free quilt block pattern.

Vintage Christmas Geese Block

If you're looking for a scrapbuster project, use scrap Christmas fabric for the triangles in your flying geese pattern. Stitch together a few of these blocks for a gorgeous Christmas quilt for your home.

Candy Jar Quilted Table Runner

This candy jar quilt pattern is even more fun when you use fabric printed with Christmas treats to fill the appliqued jars. These make wonderful quilted table runner patterns in any room with their spirited colors and creative use of candy-filled fabric.

Crazy Christmas Quilt

This holiday quilt is great as a throw or a wall hanging. The colors in this Christmas quilt pattern will give your home a cozy and warm feeling for the holidays.

Attic Window Snowman Scene Quilt

It's not easy finding an attic window quilt pattern tutorial, so and you're in real luck, because this one breaks down the steps that it takes to make an attic window quilt pattern free of worry!

Patchwork Quilt Patterns

Traditional patchwork quilt patterns never go out of style! If you love classic nine patch blocks, or are just looking for a way to use up your prettiest fabric scraps, then you'll love these simple patchwork patterns. Patchwork patterns are super simple and are one of the basics of quilting, so even the newest quilters can get in on the patchwork fun. If you've been searching for your first quilting project, we guarantee you can't go wrong with one of these classic patchwork patterns.

Road Fifteen Sixteen Patch Quilt

True to its name, this pattern is all about the placement of sixteen patch quilt block patterns in a simple, but interesting way that looks like mini roads. You can use any kind of jelly roll quilt patterns you'd like here and the quilt will still turn out looking awesome.

One Patch Organic Baby Quilt

Send your little one off to dreamland in cuddly comfort with this adorable little quilt. It is both machine-quilted and held together with knots, and is very easy for quilters of all skill levels to complete.

Pretty Pony Doll Quilt Pattern

Make precious and petite patchwork quilt patterns when you learn how to make a doll quilt like this one. Quickly created and easily constructed, this tutorial makes it easy to make a handful of doll quilt patterns in one afternoon.

Cheery Floral Patchwork Quilt

This Cheery Floral Patchwork Quilt is absolutely adorable. Making a patchwork quilt has never been easier. You will feel cheerful just looking at your bright colorful creation.

Directional Print Flip Flop Quilt Pattern

Just because you have a quilting print that is directional does not mean you are tied down to making a quilt that lays it in the exact same way. Learn how to add some unique movement and texture to your quilt patterns with this quilt tutorial.

Free Quilt Patterns and Quilt Designs

Here are some more awesome free quilt patterns. These are some of our reader favorites from the e-mail newsletter!  These reader faves are beginner-approved and are a great way to experiment with quilting. If you've been wondering what other quilters love to make, then be sure to check out this list of quick and easy quilts for everyone. For fun ideas, check this out, The 100 Best Quilt Patterns of 2013: Baby Quilt Patterns, Quilted Handbags, Free Quilt Blocks and More.

Baptist Fans Quilting Pattern

This tutorial makes free motion quilt designs easy! With a circle cut ruler as a stencil, this pattern will be a cinch. Create a ripple-like effect on any of your quilt patterns with beautiful and consistent quilting stitch designs.

The Blossie Bag

In this quilted tote bag, bold patterned fabrics, which are pressed and sewn to fusible Pellon in strips, are incorporated in order to create a striped handbag that has a multitude of colors, patterns and styles all in the design.

Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag

This pretty patchwork quilt tote bag is extra roomy, and has an elastic opening that will keep all your belongings inside. This tote is so roomy that it works perfectly as an overnight bag, as well.

Citrus Bandana Quilt

This bright, summery medallion pattern will make beautiful bed quilts! The medallion centered at the middle of the Citrus Bandana Quilt gives a room a gorgeous focal point.

Expandable Library Tote

The Expandable Library Tote stays skinny and stylish when you're carrying just a few items, but expands for serious capacity when you need to cart a stack of books home!

Diamonds and Chevrons Table Runner

The intricate overlapping pattern of striped diamonds and triangles in this free quilted table runner pattern looks difficult, but it couldn't be easier!

Big and Little Butterflies

These free longarm quilting designs add a special embellishment to spring quilts and girl's quilts.

What is your favorite type of quilt pattern? Leave a comment below!

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I like them all, but I do love an Ohio star (16" block" that I made for my daughter. It was King size.

Quilt patterns are gorgeous. So happy to find a site with beautiful and easy to understand patterns. Thank you.

So glad to see great patterns for easy to make quilts, helpful hints, and terrific color combinations. Thanks for the daily newsletter!

I absolutely love receiving your emails of pattern choices! My favorite patterns are scrap patterns using Batik fabrics.

My favorite type quilt pattern right now is paper pieced. I have maybe 3 going, between other projects.

Log cabin, ANY quilt pattern that I can make MY own! Embellishments in ALL

This list of 100 Best Quilt patterns looks like a page from my Pinterest account -- I've made a few of these and have most of the others on my "to do" list! Excellent choices.

I like modern quilts with lots of negative space - and anything using HSTs.

I love Log Cabin patterns

I love the scrappy patterns best!

I like patterns that are a challenge to make

electrifying. what a smorgesborge of beautiful patterns. never run out of ideas. wonderful.

I love anything with a flower/ garden theme. They can be more complicated, but I love a challenge.

I have always loved wedding ring quilts !! I also am fond of patchwork.

I love Crazy Quilts with all the various fabrics, hand needlework, buttons, and the odd memento here and there. The Crazy Quilts make me feel special and at home.

pieced star patterns are my favorites. Though I really like them all! 5 stars!

I like the nine patch but putting my own spin on it. Always make my quilts personal to the person I am giving it too.

I like the star patterns in quilts.

I like complex quilts with stars, mariners compass, and pinwheels. 24Tangent@gmail.com

Thank you for all the wonderful free patterns! What a great resource!!

I've never attempted paper piecing but I love how intricate paper piecing blocks look!

They're not listed here, but I LOVE bear paw quilts. I think they're such a fun mix of whimsical designs and old school/traditional quilting.

I am eternally amazed by star quilt patterns!

I have so many pieces of random fabric that I love being able to use them for pretty scrap quilt patterns.

I like Irish chain quilt patterns!

I forgot about those. i might have to change my answer!

I don't know much about quilt patterns, but I can tell you I like anything floral!

I like the nine patch quilt patterns, especially the Daisy Star quilt!

I really like different paper piecing quilt patters :) They are so pretty and well put together!

I like the stars. They are classic and lovely.

My favorites are table runners. They're usually pretty quick, so I can make them in bulk during the holidays for gifts!

You can't go wrong with a Christmas quilt pattern. They're just so fun and festive! Working on one will instantly put you in the holiday spirit.

So nice to see a fairly comprehensive list like this. Some of the wall quilts look especially beautiful.

I loved the first quilt I made, an Ohio Star Quilt

Can't pick just one! I loved them all or I wouldn't have chosen to make them. But one of the top favorite is a geology quilt I made for my son. Don't know how to upload a pic, sorry.

My favorites are the quilts I have made for my daughters and granddaughters! FAVEQUILTS is the most WONDERFUL website, for those of us on SS and limited income you could not ask for anything better to provide inspiration and great instructions for so many WONDERFUL projects! I am sorry I could not upload photos as I did not know how to do so! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My favorite is whatever I'm working on at the moment. I love this website, great patterns and ideas at my fingertips.

Favorite quilt picture is too big to download. It is a baby quilt made with first year baby clothes.

My favorite is a quilt I made my husband for our 42nd wedding anniversary. He wanted embroidered native american designs (20), a flag in the middle ( 3 ft x 5 ft), denim (recycled from his clothes) and something "world" border fabric of world globes) with FMQ by me, to represent his views and feelings. I accomplished all these goals to present him with a warm and cozy "unique (him)" quilt. It was a challenge, but I did it.

one of my favorites is a grandmother's fan I made for my daughter

My favorite quilting project is my wall hanging "Golden Gate Fly-by". No photo as I don't wish to give license to any affiliates to use it.

Every completed quilt is my favorite... but my very first one - a T-shirt quilt for my grandson's 16th birthday has a special place in my heart.

My favorite quilt project was a Tropical Parrot lap quilt I made with double batting for extra loft. It looks almost 3-D!

Hi bkycouture 6276334! Congrats. You've won our comment contest. We will be in touch shortly! Kaylee, Editor of FaveQuilts

My favorite quilt is a lap quilt I made for my husband using Canadiana themed fabric from Northcott by Moda.

I haven't been quilting for very long but my queen size Trip Around the World is the largest I have attempted and it turned out pretty well. Now I just have to complete the shams.

My favorite so far is my queen size quilt first quilt in 20 years

My favorite quilting project ever would have to be when my niece was going to have a baby, a little girl, and the whole room was done in owls. I made a owl quilt and a couple throw pillows to match.

I want to locate a pattern for the Pooh animals. I had this at one time but it was lost in a fire. I made this stuffed toys for my children and now have grandchildren who would love to snuggle with Pooh while I read them stories about Chritopher Robin. Can anyone help me? I also need help with the baby quilt that has layers and when finished looks like chenille. Thanks, Rebecca

Does anyone have the pattern for the Pooh stuffed toys? I made all of them for my children and now would like to do the same for my grandchildren a I read them the delightful stories of Christopher Robin. Thanks so much if you can share. Rebecca

I saw a quilt using boxer shorts for the colored pieces on the site one time. I can't find it again. Can you help me?

In 2002 Jenny B. Harris posted a shuffle quilt pattern using 36 fat squares. There were no directions for putting together. It was a shuffle quilt with 4 stacks of nine blocks. Can you help me out.

http://site.beverlys.com/store/downloads/t/h/the_shuffle.pdf There is a pdf of the pattern here with the directions! Enjoy,


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