45+ Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns


45+ Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Can't get enough of precut quilting patterns? This list of jelly roll quilt patterns is perfect for you!


Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

If you've ever succumbed to the temptation of a jelly roll (and we're not talking about donuts), you're probably in need of some creative jelly roll quilt ideas to use up all those 2-1/2" strips you have been collecting!

You'll find tons of projects you haven't thought of yet in this collection of 45+ Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns.

Out of all the different precuts out there, our readers love quilting with jelly rolls the most. And it's not hard to see why! This quilting precut is created out of long strips, allowing you to quilt a piece that features a variety of patterns and colors.

Plus, these fun and expressive patterns are fast and easy, since you don't have to worry about cutting your strips.

In addition to our fan-favorite jelly roll quilts, we've included some unusual patterns below like a striped jumper, a unique basketweave throw, and more! We've also included plenty of Christmas quilt patterns that use jelly roll bundles, so those holiday-themed jelly rolls go to waste.

But, the best thing about this collection's super fast jelly roll quilts is that they're free quilt patterns hand-selected for readers like you.
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FIRST! What is a Jelly Roll?

Jelly rolls are pieces of quilting fabric that have been cut into long strips, making them ideal for quilting designs and quilt blocks.

Generally, jelly rolls are sold in bundles wrapped together. They kind of look like a donut or cinnamon roll, which is where their name comes from! This charming title was coined by Moda Fabrics, one of the leading manufacturers of jelly rolls.

Typically, a jelly roll contains about 30 to 40 strips of fabric that are 2½" x 44".

You can purchase jelly rolls from leading fabric companies like Moda Fabrics, Robert Kauffman, Hoffman Fabrics, and more.

Learn How to Cut Your Own Jelly Rolls

While it is certainly more convenient to purchase pre-cut bundles, you can easily cut your own jelly rolls. All you need for this is scissors or a rotary cutter, quilting rulers, and your fabric! This is one of the best ways to re-purpose quilting scraps. Check out the video from SewVeryEasy below to learn how.

Jelly Roll Quilts and Throws

These jelly roll quilt patterns are going to look stunning in your home. Cuddle up under one of these lovely free quilting patterns. From full bed quilt tutorials to smaller throw and lap quilt patterns, these DIY jelly roll quilts are a great way to brighten up any room.

Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

If you're looking to use your jelly rolls in a new way, try this Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern. This pieced quilt incorporates an eye-catching design idea that places your jelly roll strips as the center of attention. You can use one jelly roll, or mix and match old scraps to create a bright and unique quilt pattern.

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Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt

Children and adults alike will be thrilled with the fun primary-color design of this Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt. Simply start by separating your jelly roll quilt patterns into four eye-catching color categories and begin to piece them into bright quilt block patterns.

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Raggedy Basketweave Quilt

The Raggedy Basketweave Quilt is a creative quilt pattern that combines elements of rag quilting, quilt-as-you-go methods, and cheater quilts. Rather than piecing the top, you'll stitch strips of fabric or jelly roll directly on to your batting and backing. The whole process only takes a few hours!

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Cinched Jelly Roll Quilt

This jelly roll quilt pattern is scrap-friendly and a brilliant way to combine simple quilting with quick block accents. Complete with panels to highlight your favorite block designs or fabrics, the Cinched Jelly Roll Quilt is quick and easy to assemble.

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In-n-Out Jelly Roll Quilt

One jelly roll and some scrap fabric is all you need to make the In-n-Out Jelly Roll Quilt! This adorable jelly roll quilt tutorial shows you how to whip up a quick quilt using a bright, colorful color scheme that will brighten up any room year-round.

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Odd Block Strip Quilt

The Odd Block Strip Quilt uses 2 1/2" strips to create a race quilt pattern that's broken up by asymmetrical quilt blocks. This unique look is sure to garner plenty of attention. We love the combination of straight lines and square angles to create a cool sense of movement!

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Full Moon Quilt Pattern

Stunning quilts like this Full Moon Quilt Pattern are beautiful in both their unique nature and their precision. Use the Dresden quilt block method to create a stunning moon you can applique to your quilt, then lay it on a beautiful night sky background composed of strips of navy, blue, and white fabric patterns.

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Ariel's Wedding Quilt Pattern

Use Ariel's Wedding Quilt Pattern to create a giant, cozy, scrap-friendly quilt everyone in your family can enjoy. Many of what end up being our favorite quilts often come from pieces we have left over from other projects, and this lovely quilt is no different.

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Gobble Chain Quilt

Craft an adorable quilt for a king size bed using this Gobble Chain Quilt pattern! The model quilt showcases warm fabrics in earth-tones, but this king quilt pattern could just as easily be made in brights or pastels for different decorating schemes.

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Boxing Day Jelly Roll Quilt

A clever idea for a quilted sofa throw, this Boxing Day Jelly Roll Quilt is sure to become one of your go-to free jelly roll quilt patterns. With a simple but intriguing geometric pattern and muted colors, this quilt makes an excellent gift for a man.

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Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial

This jelly roll quilt is ideal for quilters used to working with stretchy bias edges, so if you've been looking for a quilt challenge, this is the project for you. Brighten up your living space with a beautiful new bed quilt with this classic strip quilt tutorial.

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Race to the Finish Jelly Roll Quilt

The Race to the Finish Jelly Roll Quilt is one of the fastest quilt tops you can make. This jelly roll quilt pattern only takes about an hour to put together, and then you're free to doodle free-motion designs over the top to add some flair!

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Last Minute Jelly Roll Wedding Quilt

We all know the feeling of panic when we realize that we've left the making of a wedding quilt too late. For those uh-oh moments, the Last Minute Jelly Roll Wedding Quilt is an absolute lifesaver of a free jelly roll quilt pattern! 

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Sudoku Quilt Tutorial

The best thing about the Sudoku Quit Tutorial is that it combines our favorite things about a nine patch quilt block with all the fun of a sudoku square! This pattern is all squares and angles, so beginner quilters don't have to worry about curved pieces.

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Easy Quilt as You Go Quilt Pattern

Make a low-maintenance quilt with this Easy Quilt as You Go Quilt Pattern. You don't have to overload your poor little sewing machine (or your sanity) by trying to fit a large amount of fabric in a teeny, tiny space.

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Small Projects for Jelly Roll Leftovers

This section has jelly roll quilt ideas to help you use up those scraps for small quilt projects. From adorable and trendy tote bags to DIY outside decor, these fun scrapbuster jelly roll ideas are perfect for cleaning out that fabric stash.

Umbrella Friendly Patio Table Topper

If you're looking for the cutest outdoor decoration for your next barbeque, check out the quilted rainbow pattern of this Umbrella Friendly Patio Table Topper. Intermediate quilters will love the way this original table topper design uses jelly roll quilt pattern to make a durable wedge-like texture that can encircle the umbrella of a patio table.

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Jelly Roll Reversal Tote

Any fashionista will agree that the only thing better than one bag is two, which means this Jelly Roll Reversal Tote is perfect for anyone looking to be stylish and organized. With two cute jelly roll quilt patterns, you'll be able to have two new quilted tote bags in one!

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Cherry Jelly Roll Placemats

If you're a beginner quilter and are looking for free quilted placemat patterns to brighten up your kitchen, you're sure to love this tutorial for making these lovely Cherry Jelly Roll Placemats. With just 13 strips of jelly roll quilt pattern, you can make 4 complete placemat patterns that feature jubilant prints full of bright colors and cherries.

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Neutral Quilt Block Pattern

Cut your own fabric, use jelly rolls, or layer cakes to quilt this simple and stunning free quilt block pattern. This easy quilting pattern looks great in neutral colors and can be sewn up relatively quickly. You are going love cuddling into your final creation when you learn how to make a quilt with the Neutral Weave Quilt Block Pattern.

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Bohemian Jelly Roll Scarf

Using an easy breezy roll of fabric, you can become a real seamstress. Make your own hip scarf, or make one for your little girl. She is sure to enjoy the bright, bold colors on this fabric! Or, give yourself a gift by making the Mom version of the Bohemian Jelly Roll Scarf.

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Big Sister Dolly Quilt

Create the Big Sister Dolly Quilt using different colored, itty bitty squares. This doll quilt pattern is an easy project that you can make for an average size doll or stuffed animal. They've got to get tucked into bed too, you know.

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Waffle Dish Cloths

Spice up your kitchen in a fun and inexpensive way by creating your own Waffle Dish Cloths! All this simple quilt binding idea requires is a square of waffle cotton and colorful jelly rolls to get started on this project.

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Chevron Strip Tube Block

The Chevron Strip Tube Block is an eye-catching chevron quilt pattern that will look beautiful no matter what you make with it. Whether you stitch several of these quilt blocks together to make a table runner, a lap quilt, or a full bed quilt, the simple but elegant design will look absolutely fabulous.

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Hello Spring Strippy Pillow Cover

As the seasons change, welcome the blooming flowers and chirping birds with the addition of the Hello Spring Strippy Pillow Cover to your home decor. Not only will you have fun strip quilt piecing this fantastic jelly roll quilt pattern, you’ll also learn how to accurately layer your pretty strips of fabric from this fantastic tutorial.

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Cozy Quilted Tablet Cover Pattern

Free quilting patterns like this Cozy Quilted Tablet Cover Pattern allow you to wander a little off the beaten path and create something fun, functional, and super cute. With jelly rolls, scraps, or pretty much any other fabric you may have at your disposal.

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Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Get holiday-themed fabric and make one of these Christmas free jelly roll quilt patterns. This list of holiday quilting ideas has everything from DIY stockings to table runners to brighten up family dinners!

Poinsettia Table Runner

One of the most simple and charming ways to decorate your home for Christmas is to quilt a table runner pattern that will make your holiday table look fabulous. If you're looking for a rosy red simple Christmas quilt pattern, check out the Poinsettia Table runner; which utilizes just a few strips of jelly roll quilt fabric and can be completed in just a few hours.

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Scrappy Stocking Ornament

Piece a few like-colored scraps together to make this free quilted ornament pattern. With ribbon, yarn, and some leftover batting, you'll have this a whole bunch of these Scrappy Stocking Ornaments done in no time. If you don't have room for them on your own tree, give them away as gifts to neighbors and friends.

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Christmas Utensil Holders

If you're looking for a super fast jelly roll quilt pattern to make for the holiday season, check out this awesome quilted home decor idea for a set of Christmas Utensil Holders.

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Christmas Clutch Purse

Jazz up a simply holiday gift card by placing it in this cute pattern for a Christmas Clutch Purse. You can make two of these simple Christmas quilt clutches out of just 4 strips of jolly red, green, and white jelly roll quilt pattern.

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Striped Prairie Point Tree Skirt

You can use quilted Christmas tree skirt kits for the Striped Prairie Point Tree Skirt to make fabric selection easy or you can get creative and choose your own fabrics! Either way, this classic clean-lined tree skirt will accent your Christmas tree beautifully.

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Candy Cane Christmas Table Runner

Christmastime is the time for parties and dinners, the time for gathering around the table, and the time for DIY table runners! If you want to add some cheer to your cooking and eating space, make the Candy Cane Christmas Table Runner.

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Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag

Make this Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag for a really adorable and super simple way to hold a bundle of Christmas goodies meant for a friend or family member. The coolest thing about this neat quilted gift idea is that the whole drawstring bag is made out of only 6 strips of Christmas-themed jelly roll quilt pattern and a pretty decorative ribbon.

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Winter Celebration Strip Quilt Pattern

Create a gorgeous and simple strip quilt that's perfect for using up your winter jelly rolls with this Winter Celebration Strip Quilt Pattern. Made in stunning winter colors like berry red, snowy white, and rich gold, this quilt project is a wonderful winter staple!

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Jelly Roll Quilt Ideas for Kids and Babies

These free jelly roll quilt patterns are meant just for little ones. And because our readers can never get enough free baby quilt patterns, you'll find lots of DIY baby quilts below to welcome the newest addition to your family.

Little Kid Knotty Jumper with Leggings

Unlike other jelly roll quilting patterns, this is one you can wear. If you are looking for kids clothes patterns and gorgeous quilted wearables for your girl, check out Little Kid Knotty Jumper with Leggings.

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Jungle Path Baby Quilt

Parents and babies alike will love the bright colors and happy animals of this Jungle Path Baby Quilt. Use matching sets of colorful charm packs and jelly rolls with prints of joyful lions, giraffes, and elephants to make the center of these interesting individual quilt blocks.

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Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt

The Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt is a colorful patchwork pattern that is great for baby boys, in the colors shown. This baby quilt pattern is actually a super fast jelly roll quilt. Piece together jelly rolls, cut, and re-piece to create the sixteen patches.

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Animal Pens Baby Quilt

Even leftover quilt scraps can be part of a brand new baby quilt pattern; just take a look at the Animal Pens Baby Quilt. You can collect pieces from other jelly roll quilt patterns and piece together a simple baby quilt that combines elements of nine patch quilt patterns to frame central quilt blocks.

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Cowboy Up Bed Quilt

Fall asleep every night in a wild west scene when you make this awesome Cowboy Up Bed Quilt. This full-sized bed quilt uses jelly rolls full of galloping horses, tanned cowboys, and dry desert scenes to create a truly unique pattern of strip quilt blocks.

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Magic Jelly Roll Quilt

Make quick baby girl quilts for upcoming baby showers with this Magic Jelly Roll Quilt. This baby quilt pattern will make bright and cheery baby quilts with "magic" cutting and piecing that you can finish in just a few hours.

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Jammin Jelly Roll Quilt Floor Cushion

The whole family is going to love this cushion pattern like no other. Choose your brightest jelly roll quilt pattern and strip it to begin working on the Jammin Jelly Roll Quilt Floor Cushion. Fill it with bean bags and be amazed at how quickly everyone gravitates towards this fun project.

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Boxes of Color Baby Quilt

If you are a new quilter and want to try making your first quilted baby blanket, you'll love this pattern for the Boxes of Color Baby Quilt. Although this pattern looks like a square in a square quilt block, you can quickly and easily make this simple baby quilt by using brightly-colored jelly rolls to strip piece a boxy design.

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On The Go Baby Quilt

One baby quilt pattern that's as fun to make as it is to see is the Arrows on the Go Quilt. Charm quilts are always enjoyable to make into baby quilt patterns because of how cute the patterns can be, and this quilt adds some extra fun with the arrow designs that we're sure will catch your baby's eye.

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Cozy Posy Triangle Quilt

Girls of all ages will adore the pleasant colors and mesmerizing design of this Cozy Posy Triangle Quilt. Although this angular pattern will take about two weeks for an advanced quilter to complete, quilting this springtime jelly roll quilt pattern into interlocking strip pieced triangles will be a blast.

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Wearable Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Just because jelly rolls are designed especially for quilting does not mean they have to be used to create a quilt. Learn how to make a sweatshirt will quilting flair when you sew up this adorable quilted wearble. The Wearable Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern shows you how to use a jelly roll and an old sweatshirt to make a brand new piece.

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Free Bargello Quilt Patterns

One of the most requested types of quilt patterns out there are bargello quilt patterns, and you're in luck, because these free bargello quilt patterns are perfect for using jelly rolls.

Bargello quilts can look intimidating, but with these easy quilting tutorials, you'll be designing gorgeous and modern quilts in no time. A new twist on typical strip quilts, these free bargello quilt patterns are a fantastic way to take your jelly rolls to the next level.

Rain Drops Bargello Quilt Tutorial

Some see rain as a gift and some as a curse, but everyone will agree that the Rain Drops Bargello Quilt Tutorial is a gorgeous way to make a quilt pattern. It looks like rain drops on a window pane, which is quite a zen image.

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Springtime Bargello Quilt Pattern

Create a masterpiece that transports you to a place where you feel those first warm, fragrant breezes of the year with this Springtime Bargello Quilt Pattern. Design this jelly roll-friendly pattern with your favorite fabrics and colors to make a quilt that has a fun and lively zigzag pattern.

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What's happened to layer cakes and charm packs. I'm yet to find a straight layer cake square or charm square. It's gotten to the point that I'm cutting my own from fat quarter bundles.

I have a gazillion fat quarters, so I guess I favor them. Jelly Rolls would come in a very close second, but be careful They are not guaranteed to be exactly 2.5 inches. Do a few spot checks.

There are some awesome ideas and patterns here! Since I have never been able to buy pre-cuts, I don't have a favorite, but I think they'd all be fun in their own ways. I think I've seen the most patterns for the jelly rolls.

Jelly rolls for sure! I like how they can be rearranged to make patterns. Plus, you don't have to cut them up as much as you do with fat quarters. I do like fat quarters for non-quilting projects though.

Jelly rolls are great. I want to make more with those. Normally I use fat quarter bundles.

I love charm packs and jelly rolls the best! And those mini charms are addictive!

I love jelly rolls!! I love the interplay of colors within a line and knowing that they all coordinate! Followed closely by charm squares, as attested to by the quantity of them in my stash!

I love charm squares but am not fussy as it is a process and a rewarding one each and every time I make a quilt. I just love to make quilts for any and all occasions and my main goal is this year is for charity quilts.

I use charm squares the most, but also jelly rolls, layer cakes fat quarters. I just finished Desert Sky PP with fat qtrs, a baby quilt with charms am cutting out another baby quilt with a jelly roll. I LOVE PRECUTS!

I have used them all. and I like all of them as they are already cut for me. My next choice is fabric by the yard - which I really, really like as there is more choices. I LOVE FABRIC

I have used several jelly rolls and only recently a couple of layer cakes...since I am a "new" quilter, I'm trying them ALL! LOL!!

I prefer fat quarters, jelly rolls are nice but I have more versatility with fat quarters

My favorite products I love to see with is jelly rolls. I have sewn with them all but it seem to me is jelly rolls give me more of a variety of pattern to choose from. Plus the squares made from jelly rolls, using strip sets turn out to look more complicated than what they are. It makes me look more like a well seasoned quilter than what I am. I would say I'm a confidendt quilter.

I have used them all but the jelly rolls---as I have cut my own for any of the quilts that call for 2.5 inch strips. I have at least 4-5 jelly roll sets but just haven't found the right quilt to use them yet.

I like them all, and lately it has been jelly rolls

No preference. I use them all. Depends on the pattern I'm making at the time

Luv jelly rolls...so fast easy to whip up from table runners to quilts

I've used them all but fat quarters are my favorite.

Nicest thing to work with when I need a low stress project to do!!

I love to work with jelly rolls. They are sooo versatile and soooo convenient!!

I really like working with fat quarters but, the layer cakes are okay, too. Helping my granddaughters quilt as beginners, the larger pieces were easier to manage.

Hi fk7gma 2251086! You have won our comment contest. An editor will be in touch via email shortly. Kaylee, Editor

I have used the jelly rolls and love them. I have also tried the charm packs and a few fat quarters but need more patterns for them.

I love them all but the most affordable option for me is charm packs! Thanks

I like the jelly roll packs and the fat quarter bundles, the charm packs

i love the jelly roll packs and also the fat quarters. so many things to make

I like the log cabin pattern, because you can assemble it in so many ways

My favorite is Jelly Rolls. There are sooooo many patterns available for them. The variety never ends.

I haven't tried the jelly rolls yet but my favorite is the charm packs!!! Almost no cutting needed !!!

I am a new quilter. Have used fat quarters, yardage and 10" squares. But have "started" my stash with jelly rolls and charm packs. Looking forward to using my jelly rolls!

I have not had a lot of experience with jelly rolls, but I do use the charm packs quite often. Projects work up so much faster when I do not have to do all that cutting.

I love the Jelly Rolls - I use them to make quilts and purses and other projects that come along. They are great for making Charity quilts too.

I like to use charm packs.

I like the ease of charm packs.

Charm packs

I love working with all of them, especially jelly rolls for a fast and colouful quilt but I think layer cakes are my favourite right now.

I like fat quarters becase they are versatile enough to be cut into different size squares or rectangles or even left whole to be used for larger projects. -)

I love fat quarter bundles because there are so many projects I can use them for

I have bought the jelly rolls but have never had the core yet to try making anything! I usually use big block patterns only! I have used the charm packs a couple times, and love the convenience of the squares already cut.

Jelly roll quilts are fast. I also like working with charms as they make a quick quilt as well.

I Love Jelly roll Quilt they are fast and the colors are fun to work with.

I can't seem to find the 24 free jelly roll quilts. Everything I click on goes to the same page, or doesn't let me click on it.

Hi, Jdiestel! Hmmm. I'm not sure I understand the problem you're experiencing. These links will each send you to a different tutorial on FaveQuilts. For example, if you click on "Raggedy Basketweave Quilt," it will take you to the tutorial for that quilt. If that's not happening, please contact our customer service with details of the issue and we'll do our best to help you figure it out!

I used this basic idea and then added a few twists to fit my likes. I added a column of solid between each row of braid and border. Also broke it up by putting a crosswise strip about 2/3 way down. It turned out great.

HELP! How do I print some of the Free Jelly Roll Patterns? I have lots of left-overs and the projects look great!

JESTGR8, You can save them here as stated by EditorNT or you make a new folder in documents on your computer and save it to there. You need to be logged in to save to your folder here. It says Save Project and is just above the main photo. Don't forget to check out the different categories on the left hand side of the page. Happy quilting.

This might be a little late, but here goes: I found a shortcut to print things. Try Control Shift P. Then you get a page saying a bunch of stuff including from page... to page... I found out you get all the comments if you just hit Print ALL...so now I estimate page 1 of 3 or maybe just page 1-2. You can delete what's there and tyype in whatever pages you want. If you need another page,, you can always add "page 4-4" Hope this helps.

I'm looking for instructions on how to make the Jelly Roll Quilt (the one they use in races) that would come out 60 x 90 or close to it. Can anyone help.

Type in missouri quilts on u tube...there are videos there for this that make it very easy!

Please, I need general directions for a jellyroll. not patters just general derections on how to piece strips together.

I can't make folders to put my projects into. I don't understand what to do. debra@cnysewer@gmail.com

Hi cnysewer, if you look to the right side of the page, there is something called "My Quilt Basket." You can save your patterns there. Hope this helps!

loved the hexy idea and yes the explanation was weird but it sure made sense in the end. Can hardly wait to try this!!

Where do I find the "hexy idea"? I've been wanted to try something in hexagons, so hope this is the answer to prayer. Thank you


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