Quilt Block Library


Quilt Block Library

With so many quilt blocks available, we thought this directory of free block patterns would help you choose a new project!

Looking for free quilt blocks but not sure where to start? Then you need this Quilt Block Library! We have compiled 28 of the most common and popular quilt blocks and will continue to add more.

With this directory, you can see the quilt block names, what they look like, a description, and some examples. Then you can click to see the library for that type of quilt block. It's there that you will find dozens, sometimes hundreds, of free quilt blocks. This block library is essential for planning your next quilt block.

You will see the modern and traditional quilt blocks available and some even have video tutorials to help you learn more. With a library like this, you will be coming back daily to see what else you can make!

Nine Patch Quilt Blocks

How to Make a Nine Patch Block

Nine patch quilt blocks are traditionally made with three rows and three columns of three squares, resulting in nine total. Create multiples of 9 for a full quilt. Watch our nine patch video tutorial.

Bow Tie Quilt Blocks

Basic Bow Tie Quilt Block

Get a little fancy with your quilt blocks by making bow ties. There are variations for the bow tie shape which can consist of two triangles or a combination of triangles and squares. Super easy block!

Star Quilt Blocks

Star Flower Block Pattern

There are many variations for star blocks but, traditionally, it's a 6-pointed star centered on the block. No matter which style, it's going to be a pretty design. Watch our star block video tutorial.

Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks

Simple Dresden Block Tutorial

Dresden plates are circular shapes created by piecing together either strips or blocks and triangles of various sizes. It is a beautiful pattern every time, especially when using complementary colors.

Rail Fence Quilt Blocks

Rail Fence Block Pattern

The rail fence block pattern and its variations are sure to keep your eyes moving. The blocks are a combination of strips and the design possibilities are endless. Watch our rail fence video tutorial.

Cathedral Window Quilt Blocks

Heavenly Cathedral Window Star Block

Gorgeous cathedral windows were the inspiration for this quilt block pattern. Like with most blocks, there are variations involving cathedral blocks, including modern twists on the traditional style. 

Flying Geese Quilt Blocks

Flying Geese Block Pattern

One of the most popular traditional (and easy) block patterns, the flying geese design is rather simple. It's two triangles set up to look like geese in the sky. Watch our flying geese video tutorial.

Bear Paw Quilt Blocks

Bear Paw Block Pattern

One look at this quilt block and you will see why it is named after a bear paw. The clever placement of a square and four triangles turn the shapes into a paw. Watch our bear paw block video tutorial.

Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Candy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Pinwheel blocks are often half square triangles arranged to create the appearance of a pinwheel but other shapes can be used as well. Sometimes it's a simple pinwheel and other times a complex design.

Pineapple Quilt Blocks

Kona Pineapple Block Pattern

If you're looking for a quilt block with texture and the potential for lots of color, a pineapple block pattern might be just what you're looking for. Overlayed strips in spirals make this one unique.

Half Square Triangle Quilt Blocks

Half Square Triangle Block Pattern

Half square triangles, also known as HSTs, are made by cutting a square in half. Use these triangle pieces to make all sorts of designs, like pinwheels or bow ties. Watch our HST block video tutorial.

Wedding Ring Quilt Blocks

Liberated Wedding Ring Block

Wedding ring block patterns are usually circular, however, there are many variations, including squares and rectangles or wonky shapes. Usually made with strips or patches, this is a good stashbuster!

12-Inch Quilt Blocks

Antique Modern Quilt Block Pattern

Unlike many of the blocks shown in this Quilt Block Library, 12-inch quilt blocks are named after the size, not the design. Because of the specific size, you will find a lot of unique patterns to try.

Tumbling Quilt Blocks

Bejeweled Quilt Block Pattern

If you're looking for a funky block to make, then check out any tumbling block pattern. Cut out shapes you learned in math class, isosceles trapezoids, and then match up the bottoms and tops together.

Flower Quilt Blocks

Spring Flower Blossom Block Tutorial

Who doesn't love floral quilts? There are so many flower designs you can make for your next block pattern. From modern geometric shapes to detailed, realistic flowers in pots, you will love the ideas.

Drunkard's Path Quilt Blocks

Drunkard's Path Block Pattern

This name will make you chuckle every time you see it. The drunkard's path block pattern is a bit wonky, not unlike the vision of someone under the influence. Watch our drunkard's path video tutorial.

Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

Log Cabin Block Pattern

Much like how cabins use logs arranged to create cabin shapes, this block is similar. Replace logs with fabric strips and patches, and you have the log cabin block. Watch our log cabin video tutorial.

Hourglass Quilt Blocks

Hour Glass Quilt Block Pattern

Like a bow tie, hourglass quilt blocks use either two triangles with top points facing each other or two squares with points facing. The result is one or more simple hourglass shapes to mix and match.

String Quilt Blocks

Basic String Block Tutorial

If you're looking to use scraps, check out the string quilt block. This traditional pattern is from the early 20th when fabric was scarce and women needed designs that used scraps or strips, as shown.

Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks

Fruit Ninja Paper Pieced Star Quilt

Paper piecing uses templates, usually made of paper. It can be used for full quilt or blocks. Paper piecing quilt blocks are popular because you can make any design, whether it is shapes or a picture.

Wonky Quilt Blocks

Wonky Beach House Block

Get a little abstract with wonky quilt block patterns. This type of pattern is named as such because it doesn't follow the standard/typical design. It can be anything, so check them out and let loose.

Snowball Quilt Blocks

Snowball Block Pattern

Snowball quilt block patterns can be circular, octagonal, etc. The shape is usually formed with squares and triangles, which is why it is not often a perfect circle. Watch our snowball video tutorial.

Applique Quilt Blocks

Christmas Stocking Applique Block

Applique involves layering fabric and creating designs on top of the base quilt. Applique quilt blocks are some of the most popular because it is a great way to add dimension, more colors, and images.

Crazy Quilt Blocks

Crazy Stairs Quilt Block

Get a little crazy with crazy quilt block designs. Similar to the wonky blocks, there are few rules here. Combine strips, triangles, squares, along with your odds and ends to create something unusual.

Irish Chain Quilt Blocks

Bold and Beautiful Irish Chain Quilt Block

The Irish chain quilt design is a simple block pattern in which squares are used and those edges all connect. Some have larger squares in the center, others have the same-sized squares quilted across.

Amish Quilt Blocks

Amish Star Squared Quilt Block

Amish quilt blocks and patterns have a classic beauty that's difficult to beat. Mostly traditional with nature themes or simple motifs, you will definitely want to take a look at these Amish patterns.

Basketweave Quilt Blocks

Basket Weave Quilt Pattern

There are few different styles when it comes to basketweave quilt patterns. The blocks themselves tend to look like strips but when you put them all in the correct order, you get that weaving pattern.

Diamond Quilt Blocks

Pink Diamond Quilt Block

Like many quilt blocks, diamond patterns tend to involve many different techniques based on what you want. Whether you are making diamonds from other shapes or turning squares, you will love the look.

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