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36 Free Flying Geese Quilt Block Patterns

Let your imagination take flight with these gorgeous flying geese patterns!

By: Suzanna Colberg, Editor, FaveQuilts.com
Free Flying Geese Quilt Block Patterns

Reminiscent of that distant "V" many quilters have seen high overhead during the tail end of fall, these 36 Quilt Block Patterns for Flying Geese Quilts offer a myriad of unique and creative takes on this beloved half square triangle quilt pattern.

You can make Flying Geese Quilt blocks using a number of methods, including piecing, paper piecing, and half square triangle paper quilt blocks, just to name a few. And with the list below, you can even discover how you can make Flying Geese without cutting triangles at all. 

Though the Flying Geese quilt is not notorious for being particularly scrap-friendly, the beauty of these types of quilt blocks and the Flying Geese technique is there are many ways to go about creating them that leave very little - if any - scraps once all is said and done.

These No waste tutorials are among those included in this list of Flying Geese quilt block projects below. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so we encourage you to try your hand at these fun, fabric-saving projects during your downtime, and let your creativity soar with these Flying Geese Quilt Patterns.

PLUS! Learn even more about flying geese with this tutorial for how to make a basic flying geese quilt block. From tutorials to history and everything else you need to know, this is the quintessential flying geese page.

Pieced and Paper Pieced Flying Geese Quilt Blocks

The beauty of the Flying Geese Pattern is there's just as much variety with this pattern as there are with other quilt block patterns. Typically the Flying Geese quilt block style does not always require paper piecing, however as a modern pattern, there are many variations of this pattern that incorporate other quilting styles. Use these pieced and paper pieced flying geese quilt blocks to create precise, beautifully-cut pieces that will make your quilt a true masterpiece (pun intended).

  • Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial

    Quilters on the lookout for a challenge and a unique star quilt pattern will adore this unique paper piecing pattern. This bright and beautiful Pom Pom Paper Piecing Tutorial shows you how to use paper piecing methods to create a quilt block pattern that resembles a pom pom or starburst.

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  • Circle of Geese Block

    Print out four of these free paper piecing templates to create a Circle of Geese block. Each template includes three geese flying in an arc, which will make a circle of 12 geese. Make the geese in all colors of the rainbow for a color wheel!

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  • Flock of Geese HST Block

    The Flock of Geese HST Block is a flying geese quilt block tutorial with a twist. This adorable little hst block creates a "flying v" of geese that is so simple and understated, but incredibly elegant. The best thing about quilt blocks using flying geese is how easy they are to make.

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  • Making Flying Geese from a Jelly Roll

    Making Flying Geese from a Jelly Roll is one of the quickest ways to prepare blocks for flying geese quilt patterns. Using clever quilting rulers like the Easy Star & Geese Ruler from EZ Quilting makes this method so much faster and easier.

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  • Make a Flying Geese Paper Pieced Pattern

    Rather than download paper piecing patterns off the internet, you can easily draw your own design with just a pencil and freezer paper. Learn how to Make a Flying Geese Paper Pieced Pattern in a single evening when you check out this easy-to-follow template tutorial.

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  • Hand Pieced Flying Geese Pinwheel Block

    Although a sewing machine can piece together flying geese quilt patterns super quickly, there is truly something special about hand piecing together you quilt. That's why this tutorial for a Hand Pieced Flying Geese Pinwheel block is one of the most valuable quilt block techniques any quilter can learn.

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Quick and Basic Flying Geese Quilt Patterns

Flying Geese quilts in their most basic forms are incredibly easy to make. As one of the most popular HST quilt patterns, the method may seem cut-and-dry (no pun intended), however, the fact of the matter is there are many things you can do to put a spin on the basics. Try one of these quick and basic flying geese quilt patterns if you're just getting your start with this style.

  • Dutch Ombre Baby Quilt Tutorial

    Celebrate your new grandbaby with a bright and friendly modern baby quilt with this vibrant quilt tutorial. Perfect for any time of year, this Dutch Ombre Baby Quilt Tutorial is a fantastic way to bring traditional flying geese patterns into the new millennium.

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  • Geese on the Go Block

    After you've tried the Geese on the Go Block, making flying geese quilt patterns into quilt block patterns will be a cinch. This method takes a fast and easy approach to stitching flying geese patterns that you may have never seen before, but will definitely use for many other quilts in the future.

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  • Northbound Modern Quilt Pattern

    Learn how to make a flying geese quilting pattern that is as charming as it is easy. The Northbound Modern Quilt Pattern is a low-volume quilt that makes a fabulous scrapbusters. Created entirely out of scraps and HST pieces this pretty little bed quilt pattern will be sure to keep you warm this winter.

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  • Flying Geese Pinwheel Block Pattern

    This creative quilt block combines both flying geese quilt patterns and pinwheel quilt patterns to make geometric quilt patterns that seem to have a pinwheel at the center of a more traditional arrangement of flying geese. This block pattern looks a lot more difficult than it is.

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  • Vintage Christmas Geese Block

    Forgo the traditional roasted Christmas goose and put these Christmas geese on a quilt block pattern this year. This Vintage Christmas Geese Block is one of the simplest quilt block patterns of the season. The flying geese are arranged "in formation" around a fussy-cut center square of Christmas novelty fabric.

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  • Easy Flying Geese Technique

    If you want to learn how to achieve super accurate angles on your next quilt block pattern, check out this how-to guide on an easy flying geese technique. By following this tutorial, you will understand how to quickly and easily make a single unit with a classic flying geese pattern.

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  • How to Make Flying Geese without Cutting Triangles

    Find out how to make your flying geese blocks without cutting triangles of fabric. These flying geese instructions explain how to determine what size rectangles and what size squares you will need to make flying geese quilt blocks.

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  • Flying Geese Blocks Made Easy

    Flying Geese Made Easy? Sign us up! If you want to learn how to sew flying geese, this is the tutorial for you. Make flying geese a breeze with these nifty tips and tricks. Whether you are sewing half-square triangles for squares or have big plans for a traditional flying geese pattern, this tutorial will turn you into a master of the technique.

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  • Goose in the Corner Block

    A quilt block that's all about making your life easier is the Goose in the Corner Block. Adding flying geese quilt patterns to standard quilt blocks is super simple, and once you've made a whole group of quilt block patterns, you can put them together in numerous ways to make bigger quilt patterns.

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  • Quick and Easy Flying Geese Quilt Block

    Create a sleek and simple quilt block with the Quick and Easy Flying Geese Quilt Block. This flying geese tutorial breaks down how to make the ever-popular flying geese design. The great thing about this step-by-step tutorial is that it offers clear instructions and an alternate method for how to sew together this staple quilt block.

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  • Flying Geese Quilt Block Pattern

    Learn how to make a free quilting pattern using the flying geese quilt block method with this gorgeous quilt block pattern. Combining three colors of triangles into one block, the final result of this free quilt block pattern is gorgeous, yet simple.

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  • No Waste Flying Geese Technique

    Looking for a way to create a flying geese quilt pattern without the hassle of wasting fabric? With this No Waste Flying Geese Technique, you'll have a quick method to create a beautiful design while using up your materials. Your quilt will be ready to take flight after try this alternative technique for your next quilt project.

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  • 3D Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

    All eyes will be flying towards your quilt if you include at least one 3D Flying Geese Quilt Pattern. Your perspective on making quilt blocks will change entirely once you've learned this tutorial's secret to making a flying geese quilt patterns that look like they're really taking flight.

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Flying Geese Quilt Block Hybrids

The sky's the limit with these Flying Geese quilt block hybrids. The basic roots of this quilt block pattern hold enormous potential for a variety of creative variations and new takes on an old classic. Use this technique to build and perfect one of the quilt blocks below.

  • You Are Here Quilt Block

    Create a bright and beautiful star block that embraces the warm and friendly colors of spring with this You Are Here Quilt Block. Resembling a wind rose on a map, this star block tutorial is made using easy half square triangles in pretty colors like spring green, petal pink, and tangerine.

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  • Basket of Geese Block

    For a refreshing quilt block with a summer theme, check out this lively Basket of Geese Block. Make this individual quilt block with ease by using the simple applique quilt directions provided in this step-by-step guide.

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  • Royal Patchwork Quilt Block Pattern

    When you combine quilt block patterns with royal purple fabric, the results are fantastic. This absolutely lovely and surprisingly constructed free block pattern shows you how to make a quilting block that is two parts log cabin quilting and two parts flying geese.

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  • Joyce's Star Quilt Block

    The Joyce's Star Quilt Block is a fun and fast quilting design. When the blocks are sewn together to form a single quilt, each simple block is incorporated into new designs that only appear on the quilt as a whole.

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  • Amish Star Squared Quilt Block

    This easy Amish Star Squared Quilt Block is made from flying geese and half square triangles. The quilt block pattern these create is, as the name suggests, boxy and square. The star block shown here is sewn from white and mustard-colored fabric.

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  • Cut the Corners Star Block

    This quick 12" Cut the Corners Star Block is made from flying geese blocks and sews together very quickly. When these quilt blocks are sewn together, the design they create looks like a grid whose lines are punctuated by triangles and diamonds.

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  • Scattered Geese QAYG Tutorial

    Fake out with some faux flying geese when you create this simply gorgeous log cabin quilt block. The Scattered Geese QAYG Tutorial is an easy quilting pattern with a few embellishments that really make it stand out.

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  • Owl Quilt Block

    Sew a batch of these Owl Quilt Blocks together to form a grid-like pattern checkered with white diamonds and gold rectangles. Much of the detail in these quilt block designs comes from the patterned fabric used in them, which combines warm gold polka dots and subtle red leaves to create tiny squares and flying geese.

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  • Morning Star Quilt Block

    Made from red fabric that stands out against white and gray, this Morning Star Quilt Block will make you think of the last bright star in the sky before sunrise. The pattern in each block uses flying geese units. For a busy quilt pattern, fill the sky with stars and sew many of these morning star blocks together.

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  • Quarterfoil Star Block

    Teal accents pop against mustard fabric in this Quarterfoil Star Block, especially when many blocks are sewn together to form a single quilt. Although the pattern in a single quilt block features a white square inside a mustard diamond, when the entire quilt is put together, mustard diamonds within white squares appear as well.

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  • Bryan's Star Quilting Block

    Make an adorable Bryan's Star Quilting Block from flying geese! This star quilt block is made from cheerful pink and teal fabric and has a geometric, blocky feel. If you've never learned how to make your own flying geese, these instructions will introduce you to that basic and versatile quilting unit.

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  • Into the Sunset Flying Geese Block

    Create a gorgeous play on ombre colors by taking a traditional block pattern and giving it a modern update with this Into the Sunset Flying Geese Block. Made using the beautifully vibrant colors of the sunset, this free quilt block pattern uses traditional flying geese and is inspired by evenings on the prairie.

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  • Amish Star Quilt Block Pattern

    This fun Amish Star Quilt Block Pattern may look like it's missing a corner, but it's not! It's supposed to look like that, and when put together in a quilt it's beautiful. The slight irregularity in these simple quilt blocks adds a breath of fresh air to the finished quilt, creating a dizzying design of squares within squares.

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  • Arrowhead Quilt Block Pattern

    Combine cool and neutral fabric colors with half-square triangles and flying geese to create trendy quilt block patterns into one fabulous quilt. Resulting in 12 inch quilt blocks, the Arrowhead Quilt Block Pattern is an easy star block that is sure to be a big hit in your home.

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  • Arizona Star Block Pattern

    Making stunning star quilt patterns with free block patterns like this stunning and surprisingly simple design. This 12 inch quilt block pattern uses flying geese and half-square triangle methods to create a free quilt block pattern that would look stunning added to any quilt.

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  • Large Star Quilt Block Pattern

    The name of this star block is pretty self-explanatory. The Large Star Quilt Block Pattern is a big, bold star that's not afraid to draw attention to itself. These easy quilt blocks are made using half-square triangles and flying geese. Although the quilt block pattern shown here uses plain gray fabric for the body of the star, this would also be a good way to display your favorite large-scale print. When you sew these star quilt blocks together, make each one really pop by changing up your fabric colors as you go along.

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  • Spider Star Quilt Block

    Combine a muted background color with two of your favorite fabric hues to create free block patterns that will truly add some shape and texture to your quilts with this Spider Star Quilt Block pattern for quilting. Follow the link to check out the jaw-dropping quilts this block can be combined to create.

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BONUS! Ombre Flying Geese Pattern Dress

Ombre Flying Geese Pattern Dress

If you are looking for a dress for your kid that is girlie meets modern, this Ombre Flying Geese Pattern Dress is for you. This quilted dress, with its bright white background and fun pops of color, is perfect for parties and backyard play. Flying geese quilt patterns are a traditional style, and this dress is a really cute example of a traditional pattern meeting a modern design. Make a fun statement using this quilting pattern on the side panels of this dress. With the eyelet lace for straps, you will have the perfect dress for summer that your kid is sure to love.

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