How to Bind a Quilt: 30 Pro Tips and Tutorials


How to Bind a Quilt: 30 Pro Tips and Tutorials

Give your next quilting project a crisp and professional look when you use these quilt binding tutorials!


How to Bind a Quilt 25 Pro Tips and Tutorials

When it comes to including an assortment of finishing touches, binding a quilt is the extra step you need to transform your quilt into an heirloom-worthy piece that will be treasured for years to come. In this collection of How to Bind a Quilt: 30 Pro Tips and Tutorials, you can get the ideas you need no matter how many quilts you've quilted. From mitered corners to basic quilt binding instructions, you will have no trouble at all navigating the finishing touches of your quilted masterpiece when you have these quilting techniques under your belt and at your fingertips.
We have included an assortment of tutorials and resources for quilters looking to master basic binding, as well as techniques and tips for more experienced quilters who are looking to perfect more intricate types of binding. With this collection of helpful resources, beginners will find basic quilt binding tutorials, while more advanced quilters can get a refresher on how to complete this step in the quilt-making process.

Bonus: If you've ever wanted to learn how to incorporate cording in your quilt, then this easy quilting tutorial is for you. The step-by-step instructions in the tutorial How to Bind a Quilt with Cording will help you try this technique to great success.

Quilt Binding Basics: What is Quilt Binding?

Many quilters opt to add quilt binding to their projects to give it a crisp, finished look. Additionally, quilt binding can often be used to showcase certain patterns, as well as help make certain colors "pop" in the quilt pattern while also hiding the raw edges of fabric. From mini quilt patterns to full-sized art quilts, binding a quilt can truly transform a project and make it stand out even more. Whatever its purpose in a particular project, learning how to bind a quilt is one of the great skills to master, as binding can be transferred from the quilting world to many general sewing projects. Binding may appear to be a time-consuming and perhaps needless process, but it can give a completed project a professional-quality look that will be treasured for years to come.

Basic Quilt Binding Tutorials

As a quilter, you know the importance of quilt binding. If you're just getting started in the world of quilting and need a few pro tips on how to bind a quilt, then you have come to the right place. These basic quilt binding tutorials will help you learn the ins and outs of adding that final touch to your quilted masterpiece. The tutorials are perfect for both new quilters and those with some experience. With these tutorials at your fingertips, you can add that finishing touch to your next project with confidence!

Perfect Machine Stitched Binding

Step up your quilting game in a big way when you take a look at this tutorial! This quilting tutorial won't take you long to try on your next project.

Perfect Quilt Binding Tutorial

If you're new to quilting, then the prospect of binding your quilt may seem like a difficult task. This tutorial will help you take on this task in no time.

Easy Peasy Binding Tutorial

True to its name, this quilt binding tutorial breaks down the process for this technique and makes it easier to understand. The step-by-step photos will help you comprehend the instructions. 

Single Fold Binding Tutorial

Are you on board the mug rug craze? If you'd like to make your next mug rug look even better, then this beginner-friendly quilting tutorial is worth a look. 

How to Machine Bind a Quilt

Rev up your sewing machine and get ready to start binding your quilt after you've read this tutorial! The beginner-friendly quilt binding tutorial will help demystify the process for you.

Easy Quilt Binding Tutorial

When it comes to discovering ways to use a quilting technique, you can never have too much advice! This easy tutorial takes just 12 steps and will have you binding like a pro.

Comprehensive Quilt Binding Tutorials

Whether you are creating your first quilt or your fiftieth, it's always good to have a full set of instructions on-hand. With this selection of comprehensive quilt binding tutorials, you can get your hands on detailed quilt binding instructions that walk you through each and every step of the process. Learn how to bind a quilt from start to finish with these helpful tips by your side. Many of these tutorials are available in multiple parts, so you can try each part of the binding process before moving on to the next step. You'll be glad you did!

Basic Quilt Binding

When it comes to learning how to bind a quilt, you can't go wrong with this tutorial! The three-part project includes the basics of what you need to know for this set of instructions that is perfect for beginners.

Quilt Binding From Start to Finish

If you've wanted to learn how to bind but weren't sure where to start, then this tutorial may be what you need. This tutorial includes four parts and will be especially helpful for new quilters who wish to refine their technique.

Easy Tutorials for Quilt Binding, Hanging Pockets, and Striped Binding Strips

Give your next quilting project a professional and clean look when you put this tutorial to practice. The quilt binding tutorial is easy to follow and is ideal for quilters with some previous experience.

Double Fold Binding Tutorial Part 1

Learn everything there is to know about double fold binding when you use this quilting tutorial. The two-part set of instructions will help you put that perfect finishing touch on just about any quilting project in your queue that you need to complete. 

Quilt Binding Part 1: Straight Grain Binding

The first in a two-part series, this tutorial on binding will help you get your quilt right every time. Don't forget to take a look at the second step in the tutorial, as it covers instructions on how to attach your binding.

Binding Corners and Curves

If you're contemplating a project with less traditional edges, check out these binding corners and curves quilt binding instructions. From quilts for kids to art quilt patterns, sometimes you are faced with a quilt that requires a bit of creative quilt binding. Binding a quilt with tricky corners doesn't have to send you around the bend, though, especially when you have these informative binding tutorials to help! The rewards will definitely be worth it when you put these tutorials to good use.

Turning Corners When Binding a Quilt

You don't need to worry about turning corners when you use this quilting tutorial! The instructions are geared for beginners, but more advanced quilters may benefit from a refresher on the technique.

Binding Curves Tutorial

Are you planning to work on a quilt with a few curves to it? Don't throw in the towel and admit defeat. Instead, you can get to work after taking a look at this tutorial. 

Adding Scalloped Binding to Your Quilt

A quilt with a scalloped binding design may seem like it's incredibly complicated to make, but it's actually very easy. This tutorial will inspire you to add scalloped borders to your next quilt in very little time!

How to Bind Hexagon Quilts

It's one thing to bind a quilt that is in the shape of a rectangle or a square, but what do you do when it's a hexagon? This quilt binding tutorial is just what you need to make your next quilt truly amazing.

Additional Quilt Binding Tutorials

Binding a quilt is both functional and a great chance to wrap up your project with a bang. In many cases, quilt binding can serve as an accent by providing a pop of color to traditional quilt patterns, or by helping to bring out certain patterns in the quilt. Regardless of why you plan to include binding in your quilt project, learning how to add just the right embellishment when binding can take your project to the next level without too much extra effort. This selection of tutorials will help you make each quilt special and truly unique. If you're looking to add that extra personal touch to your quilt, check out these tutorials and learn how to bind a quilt that's truly, uniquely you. 

How to Make Quick Bias Binding

This intermediate quilting tutorial is perfect for quilters with some experience. The tutorial won't take you long to make and is one set of instructions every quilter will want in his or her arsenal. 

Binding a Quilt with a Longarm Machine

Put your longarm machine to good use when you use this tutorial! If you want to make good use of your longarm machine - after all, isn't that why you purchased it? - then this tutorial is one you simply can't miss.

Binding a Quilt with Flange

Add a bit of pizzazz or even just a subtle bit of color to your next quilt project when you use this tutorial on using flange when binding a quilt. After you've seen this beginner-friendly quilt project, you'll wonder how you lived without it.

Making Faced Binding

If you plan to display your next quilt or similar project, then this tutorial on Making Faced Binding needs to be on your radar. This tutorial is a creative way to give your quilts a unique and professional look that you will appreciate and that everyone will admire. 

Cool Contrasting Quilt Binding

Give your next quilt added depth and dimension in a creative way when you use this easy quilting tutorial. This technique may look complicated, but it will actually be quite easy for you to make. 

3 Pin Binding Method

Incorporating a new method for binding doesn't have to be a complicated or time-consuming process. This tutorial proves that sometimes the simpler option is all that you need to complete the binding process on your quilt!

Scrappy Binding

If you have a scrappy quilt in the works, then incorporating a binding technique that shows off an assortment of colors and patterns is in order. That's why this quilt binding technique is to the rescue!

Binding on the Bias

If you're ready to start your next quilt, then you need to see this tutorial on Binding on the Bias before you make another step. This quilt tutorial is perfect for beginners and for advanced quilters, too.

Blanket Style Binding

Do you enjoy making blankets, table runners, and other large quilt projects? Then this tutorial is one to try. This tutorial won't take long to implement in your next project and will give your finished work that extra bit of style.

How to Make and Attach Double Fold Binding

It's one thing to hear about the double fold binding technique, but it's quite another to actually put it into practice. With this tutorial, you can incorporate this technique into just about any quilt pattern.

Customize Your Quilt Binding

Using any fabric you have on hand to bind your quilt is well and good, but what if you want to add a bit of design to the process? With this tutorial, you can easily add a binding that is unique to you and your design.

Binding and Hanging a Mini Quilt

It's one thing to stash a quilted project on your sofa or favorite chair, but what do you do if you want to hang the quilted pattern on a wall? With this tutorial, you can bind and display a project with ease.

Quilt Binding Video Tutorials

If you're a visual learner, then you're in the right place! With these quilt binding videos, you can see firsthand how easy quilt binding can be. These tutorials will make it easier to bind a quilt and can help you see the process put to use. If you're stuck on an aspect of the technique, then a video on quilt binding may be just what you need. You will enjoy expanding your quilting skills in a new way when you take a look at these video tutorials.

How to Hand Bind a Quilt Video Tutorial

It's one thing to bind a quilt by machine, but have you ever tried it by hand? This video tutorial will walk you through the process and will help you make the most of this unique quilting technique.

How to: Quilt Binding Video Tutorial

Do you have any puckered binding? Then this video on quilt binding may be just what you need to correct your quilt while giving it a beautiful and unique look. This tutorial is one to try!

Video Tutorial: Couching Yarn on Quilt Binding

This video on quilt binding will help you create that perfect addition to your next project. The video runs less than 10 minutes and is a great introduction to the technique.

How to Bind a Quilt with Cording

This easy quilting tutorial is a wonderful way to add a unique look to your next project. Although this tutorial will be of particular use to new quilters, advanced quilters looking for a quick and easy technique will want to see this video, too.

What is your favorite quilt binding technique?
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