How to Store and Preserve Your Quilt


How to Store and Preserve Your Quilt

With this list of quilting tips and tricks, your homemade quilts can be enjoyed for generations.

How to Store and Preserve Your Quilt
How to Store and Preserve Your Quilt

While some quilts are meant to be used by the whole family, others are too precious to put through the ringer of daily wear and tear. We at FaveQuilts know how much time, creativity, and skill goes into designing a quilt, and we know how equally important it is to preserve your works of art so that they can be enjoyed for generations. 

Improperly storing your quilt can lead to major damages, like mold, household pests, and fading, so it's vital to learn how to store a quilt that your children and grandchildren can enjoy. If you've been stressed about keeping your favorite quilt projects in tiptop shape, then you'll love our list of tips and tricks about how to store and preserve your quilt.

From the best places to keep a quilt so that it stays safe to tips on how preserve quilts handed down in your family, this list of ways for storing and saving your quilts is a complete must-read! Whether you're new to quilting or are a seasoned quilter, this list of ways to store your quilt is guaranteed to help your family enjoy your quilting skills for years to come.

Tips for Storing and Preserving Your Quilts

Quilts, like most types of fabric art, are delicate and need to be stored under specific conditions to make sure that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Our list of tips and tricks to storing and preserving quilts is a great way to guarantee that your quilts are kept clean and undamaged, so that no matter the year, they'll be ready to be put on display. And if you've inherited a beautiful quilt from a relative and want to keep it protected, then don't worry, because we've included a list of ideas for preserving your antique quilt.

How to Store Your Quilt

If you're unsure of what to keep your quilts in or where in your house is best suited for your fabric treasures, then you've come to the right place. This list of tips for storing your quilts is the best way to preserve all of your hard work and creativity for years to come.

  1. Clean Your Quilt Before Storing It: Make sure to remove stains or food scraps before storing your quilt, as they can draw insects into the storage area. You can vacuum, air, or wash your quilt by hand or carefully in a washing machine. If you choose to machine wash your quilt, please be extremely careful and use only the delicate cycle, as machine washing quilts can be risky.

    If you're unsure how to clean your quilt, check out this article on how to clean non-washable quilts.

  2. Keep Your Quilt Dry: It's important that quilts are kept in dry, cool air. Storing your quilt in damp air or in a moisture-rich place can cause mold and mildew, which will rot the fibers of your quilt. Do not store your quilt in extreme temperatures.

  3. Don't Fold Your Quilts: It can be tempting to neatly fold your quilts but doing so can create permanent creases in the fabric. Instead, roll your quilts if your storage area is small or lay them out in a spare room. 

  4. Beware of Household Pests: Make sure to store your quilt away from anywhere easily accessed by insects or mice. This includes areas like basements or garages, as well as cardboard boxes, as mice can easily chew through the cardboard.

  5. Opt for Cotton Instead of Plastic: Plastic boxes or plastic wrap can cause moisture to build up, thus ruining your quilt. Instead, wrap your quilt in a cotton sheet. This way, the quilt can breathe and is protected from dust.

  6. Dark Spaces Are Your Friend: Natural sunlight can quickly fade a quilt, and even florescent lights can eventually cause damage. Avoid storing your quilt in direct sunlight to prevent fading.

How to Preserve Your Vintage Quilt

If you've been lucky enough to inhert a quilt from your mother or grandmother, then keeping your antique quilt in perfect condition is key. Similar to storing your quilt, there are several factors to keep in mind so that you can preserve your hand-me-down for future generations.

  1. Air Your Quilts: If your vintage quilt has been stored in a room with little air circulation, periodically air your quilt, preferrably indoors. This will help prevent any fading from sunlight. 

  2. Hand Vacuum Your Quilt: Gently hand vacuum your quilt when airing it. This will help to remove dust or odors. Make sure the screen of your vacuum is clean prior to using.

  3. Determine If Your Quilt Should Be Professionally Cleaned: If your quilt is made with extremely delicate fabrics like satin or brocade, you should air the quilt to avoid further damage. However, quilts made with sturdier fabrics can possibly be dry cleaned. Remember to specify to your cleaner that the quilt should be put on the shortest cleaning cycle. Do not machine wash antique quilts.

  4. Again, Avoid Plastic Storage: Delicate quilts should not be stored in plastic boxes, as they can retain moisture. You should also avoid metal or wood for storage, to prevent snags or damage by acidity.

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What's your favorite quilt that you've ever made? We'd love to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below.

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