Quilting Secrets: 27 Tips and Tricks for Quilt Making


Quilting Secrets: 27 Tips and Tricks for Quilt Making

These quilting tips for beginners will help you master quilt making!

Quilting Secrets 27 Tips and Tricks for Quilt Making

Shhhhh, can you keep a secret? Quilting is easier than you think! Whether you're a beginner or a long-time quilter, you'll want to check out these Quilting Secrets: 27 Tips and Tricks for Quilt Making. Refresh your memory with the basic tutorials or learn brand new skills with tutorials for beginners!

After you have the absolute basics down pat, learn a variety of tips and tricks to improve your quilting skills. Last, be sure to get that sewing room organized! Regardless of your skill level, these quilting secrets will make your quilting faster, easier, and better!

We are sharing some of our favorite Quilting Tips and Techniques in the first section below. From keeping your supplies clean to making design boards and so much more, you will be hip to all the coolest tips for quilt making.

 In the second section, find Ways to Organize Sewing Rooms to keep everything looking clean and ready for your next quilt project. You will love these thread, tool, and fabric storage ideas as well as design organization and displays.

Quilting Tips and Techniques

How to Clean a Sewing Machine
  • How to Clean a Sewing MachineSince most quilts are sewn by machine, keeping that machine clean is absolutely essential. Don't make a fatal mistake!
  • How to Clean a Rotary Cutting MatDon't let your cutting mat get warped when you wash it! Instead, learn how to clean your cutting mat so it will last for years to come.
  • Choosing Fabrics for a QuiltA quilt is only as good as the fabrics that make it! Learn how to pick the perfect fabrics for any quilt.
  • Tips for Buying and Selecting FabricDon't waste your money on the wrong type of fabric! Follow this basic tutorial to select the right types.
  • Choosing Warm and Cool ColorsTwo important color combinations are warm colors and cool colors. Learn how to select fabrics with an expert eye that fit into these combinations.
  • How to Make Templates Using Plastic File DividersMake templates easily with a basic supply that you probably already have lying around the house. If your paper templates tend to tear, this is a fantastic alternative.
  • Quilt Sizes for Beds + 10 Bed Quilt PatternsCheck out these helpful hints to determine what exactly would be the best quilt size to fit any bed. It can be a challenge to figure out bed quilt sizes. Consult this tutorial as a helpful resource.
  • Hang your wall quilts better! Learn how to make corner pockets so your wall quilts can be hung without wrinkles or buckling.
  • Make Your Own Quilt Design Wall with Video TutorialIn order to decide well ahead of time what your quilt design will be, make your own design wall with this tutorial. It's inexpensive and portable, perfect for quilters!
  • Make a Design BoardFor a small design board to lay out your projected quilt pattern, make this great project. Don't spend a fortune when you can make your own design board for a fraction of the price.
  • How to Make a Quilt Pattern on the ComputerIn this digital age, it's important to take advantage of technology. Learn how to make your own quilt pattern with the help of the computer. This tutorial lays it all out step by step.
  • Make Your Own Pressing BoardDo you ever feel like ironing boards are too soft to properly finish your quilts? Create your own quilting table with this tutorial and make your quilting that much easier!
  • Strip Piecing Your FabricIf you don't know about this efficient technique, you're missing out big-time. Sewing will become much faster when you start strip piecing.
  • Turning Fabric Scraps into New FabricUse your fabric scraps to make brand new fabric! Don't throw them away. Instead, make new bolts of fabric that will save you a trip to the store and some money.
  • Freezer Paper AppliqueThere are tons of ways to applique. Learn a new way with a common household item. This might become your favorite new way to applique!
  • Tips for Perfect PressingPressing is different than ironing. Never iron! Find out why you press instead and how to do it perfectly.
  • Basting a Quilt with Safety PinsThere are many ways to baste a quilt and certain advantages to each technique. Explore this option and apply it to your quilting knowledge.
  • Organizing Your Quilt PiecesOne of the most frustrating aspects of quilting is mixing up your rows! Don't let that tragic error happen. Check out these tips for organizing your quilt pieces.
  • Quilt Row MarkersYou probably have an array of plastic bobbins lying about from all of the sewing you do. Save them with this trick to create quilt row markers.

Ways to Organize Sewing Rooms

Folding and Organizing Fabric
  • Folding and Organizing FabricFind the fabric you need when you need it! This tip for organizing fabric will keep your sewing room neat and tidy and your quilting more efficient.
  • Hanging Fabric Storage SolutionIf you simply don't have enough drawer space for all of your fat quarters, yards, jelly rolls, you name it, check out the hanging solution.
  • How to Wrap Fabric in BoltsFind great tips here for wrapping your fabric in bolts. They'll look professional in quality by the time you're finished.
  • Sorting Fabric by Warm and Cool ColorsSorting fabric by colors is a great way to stay organized and to plan your next project!
  • Scrap User's SystemGet those scraps organized! It's easy to let them wad up in a ball in the bottom of your sewing room closet. Prevent that from happening with this organization tip.
  • Sorting Scraps by Size and ColorAnother way to organize scraps efficiently is with this fabulous tutorial. Don't let your scraps end up in a total state of chaos!
  • Tackle Your StashDo what the title of this article says! Attack those scraps with organization and love.
  • Creating a Quilting TableCreate the perfect organized space to lay out your quilt while it's in progress. For the perfect quilting table and an even more perfect storage solution, make this project.

What is your best tip for quilting?
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