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17 Quilting Tutorials: Quilting for Beginners and Top Tips for How to Quilt

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  1. Fusible Applique Learn to use fusibles. Fusible webbing is a great product that helps make applique fast and easy. Heat from your iron activates the glue-like fusible so that you can adhere two pieces of fabric together, eliminating the need to intense stitching. The
  2. Hand Applique Learn how to create beautiful hand applique for quilts. These free hand applique patterns will provide plenty of hand applique tips, techniques, and designs for original hand applique quilts.
  3. Machine Applique Improve your machine applique technique using our free machine applique patterns. Learn how to machine applique and add machine applique to your quilt projects with our free machine applique designs.
  4. Quilted Toys If you're looking for toys to sew for toddlers, try these free patterns for sewing stuffed toys. Handcrafted soft toys are safe, cuddly, and fun for babies and small children! Start one of these easy baby quilt patterns today!
  5. Baby Quilt Patterns Discover baby quilt patterns for boys and girls or gender-neutral options, too. These unique baby quilts make fantastic baby shower and birthday gifts. Find modern or traditional baby quilt ideas with all the free patterns to choose from.
  6. Full or Double Make full bed quilts for your full bed or double bed. A full-size quilt or double-bed quilt will allow you to customize your bedroom decor. Sew bed comforters and quilts using our free quilting patterns for full bed quilts.
  7. King and larger Make a luxury king size quilt for your bedroom. Use free quilting patterns to make quilts for king size beds as well as california king quilts and oversized king quilts. These free king size quilt patterns are beautiful for the master bed!
  8. Queen Make a queen size bed quilt for your budoir. Our free quilt patterns fit a queen bed so you can decorate your bedroom with handcrafted charm. These queen size quilted bed covers are sure to beautify any bedroom!
  9. Twin Twin size quilt patterns are great for kids beds and college bunks. Here you can find twin quilts and extra-long twin quilts. Make twin sized bed comforters and quilts using our free quilt patterns.
  10. Quilted Accessories Quilt accessories to wear. Make quilted accessories such as headbands, belts, jewelry, and more. These free quilt patterns also include women's and men's quilted slippers and quilted apron patterns.
  11. Wearables Make your own quilted or patchwork clothing! These free quilt patterns include women's cotton quilted jackets, ladies quilted vests, and other quilt patterns to sew for your wardrobe!
  12. String Quilt Patterns Find all the free string quilt patterns you need here! String quilting is a great way to use up fabric scraps, and scrap string quilts have a distinctive pattern that is loved by quilters everywhere!
  13. For the Kitchen Sewing for kitchen items is easy with our free quilting patterns. Check out our free quilted pot holder patterns and free tea cozy sewing patterns. Learn how to sew an oven mitt with our free quilt patterns!
  14. Pillows and Cushions Making quilted pillows is easy and rewarding. Use our quilted pillow tutorials to make quilted toss pillows, learn how to sew pillow shams, and learn how to sew a cushion. We also have free patchwork pillow patterns.
  15. Table and Placemats Find free table topper quilt patterns like patchwork quilted runners, free quilted placemat patterns, mug rug patterns, quick coasters patterns, easy tablemat quilt patterns, and much more to make your dining room table look beautiful!
  16. Bed Quilts Make some Christmas bed quilt patterns. Get started on Christmas bed quilts today with our collection of free xmas quilt patterns. Try a Christmas tree quilt pattern or other free quilt patterns for the Christmas season.
  17. Other Decorations We have even more Christmas quilt decorations. If you're looking for Christmas quilt table runner patterns, Christmas quilt throws, Christmas nativity quilts, or quilted Christmas table toppers, you're in the right place!
  18. Quilted Ornaments Make some quilted Christmas ornaments! We have plenty of quilted ornament patterns for your holiday celebration. Making quilted ornaments is the perfect Christmas season quilting project and with these free patterns, it's even better.
  19. Stockings Pieced Christmas stocking, appliqued Christmas stockings, or quilted Christmas stockings are great for hanging at the hearth and giving as gifts.
  20. Tree Skirts Learn how to make a Christmas tree skirt with our quilt tree skirt free patterns. These quilted tree skirt patterns include free Christmas tree skirt applique patterns and other free Christmas quilt patterns for tree skirts.
  21. Wallhangings Sew a Christmas wall hanging quilt panel for this holiday season. Try large Christmas tree wall hanging quilts for a festive spirit. Quilt wall banners for Christmas are also great. Check out all our free Christmas quilt patterns.
  22. Halloween Quilt Halloween panels for this spooky holiday! Make Halloween paperpiecing quilts, pumpkin quilt patterns, halloween applique patterns, and witch quilt patterns. Try these fun Halloween holiday quilting projects!
  23. Independence Day Whether you call it 4th of July or Independence Day, celebrate it with patriotic patch quilts. We have plenty of 4th of July quilts and red white and blue quilt patterns. Try quilted picnic blankets for watching fireworks!
  24. Easter Quilt for Easter this year! We have some great Easter projects to sew and holiday quilting projects for Easter. Make bunny quilts and Easter quilts. You could even quilt an Easter basket!
  25. Thanksgiving Make a Thanksgiving quilt for your home. Our great thanksgiving projects for quilting will have you making turkey quilt patterns and plenty more holiday quilting projects. We have so many free quilt patterns for Thanksgiving!
  26. Valentines Make quilted valentine cards for your loved ones. These wonderful valentine quilt patterns are perfect for Valentine's Day. Our Valentine's Day appliques are adorable too! Show your love with these holiday quilting projects.
  27. Fall Quilts This autumn, fall in love with these lovely fall quilts. These orange, brown, and yellow seasonal quilt sets have the cutest leaf quilt patterns, country style quilts, autumn quilted wall hanging patterns, leaf appliques, and pumpkin quilt blocks.
  28. Spring Quilts Springtime quilts are a great way to celebrate the warm weather! We have lots of free quilt patterns featuring flower garden quilt patterns, animal quilt patterns, Easter quilt patterns, and other spring quilting designs to brighten up your home.
  29. Summer Quilts Making quilts with a summer theme is so fun and versatile! We have beach quilts, picnic blanket quilts, summer wallhanging quilt patterns, quilted beach bags, and other seasonal quilt sets to help you have fun in the sun.
  30. Winter Quilts Cozy winter quilts keep you warm during the coldest season! With snowman quilt patterns, snowflake quilt patterns, and beautiful blue and white quilt patterns, these easy quilts with a winter theme are great projects to work on a snowy day.
  31. Applique Basics Learn applique basics from our tutorials and videos. Get the best machine applique techniques and applique quilt techniques. You can also learn how to create an applique. Get the best hand applique tips from our quilting tutorials.
  32. Beginner Basics Learn the basics of quilting. We have super easy quilting tutorials. You can learn how to quilt a quilt, how to put together a quilt, and what basic supplies for quilting you should buy. Learn hand quilting basics and how to machine quilt.
  33. Binding Learn different binding methods. Our quilt binding tutorials will teach you straight-of-grain binding, bias binding, and French fold binding. Find out how to sew binding on a quilt. Get easy quilt binding instructions here!
  34. Borders Learn how to create easy quilt borders for your quilting patterns. We have plenty of quilt border ideas and simple quilt borders. Check out our quilting tutorials to find out how to add simple, attractive borders to your quilts.
  35. Labels, Sleeves, Etc. Learn to make labels, sleeves and more for your quilts. Personalized quilt labels are very important to tell the story of your quilt. If you're wondering how to hang a quilt, learn how to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt to display it.
  36. Organizing Organizing your quilting room is very important! Learn how to organize a sewing craft room. Organize your sewing supplies and figure out how to organize fabric scraps for quilting projects.
  37. Piecing Learn the basics of piecing. This section will show you how to paper piece quilts and make other pieced quilts. If you're looking for instructions on hand piecing a quilt, you can find them among our quilting tutorials here!
  38. Quilting by Hand Quilting by hand is an important skill to learn. Our quilting tutorials include instructions on how to hand quilt that will teach you the hand quilting basics. If you've been wondering how to quilt by hand, check out our tips!
  39. Quilting by Machine There's a lot to learn about quilting by machine. Whether you want to know how to machine quilt with a regular sewing machine or long-arm quilting machine, we have the basics of machine quilting in our quilting tutorials.
  40. Rotary Cutting Learn Rotary Cutting techniques. Most quilting involves cutting strips with rotary cutters. Learn how to cut quilt binding and other fabric pieces for your quilting projects. Also learn about rotary cutting mats or self healing mats.


  1. 13+ Must-Have Quilting Tools The must-have quilting tools in this list are those needed for quilting plans. Learn all about desired quilting gadgets for beginner to advanced quilters.
  2. 15 Tips for a First-Time Quilter These 15 Tips for First-Time Quilters are great pieces of advice to keep in mind as you start learning how to make a quilt. Whether you plan to sew your quilt by hand or use a machine, these free quilting tips for beginners will help.
  3. 7 Must-Know Quilting Techniques and Styles If you are new to quilting or want a refresher on what quilting terms mean, then read this list of essential quilting techniques and quilting styles.
  4. Back to Basics: Quilting Tips for Beginners If you've always wanted to make a quilt of your own, but have been intimidated by the time, effort, and terminology of quilting, then never fear because FaveQuilts is bringing you back to Quilting 101! From common quilting terms like HST, BOM, and LA
  5. Basic Basting with Glue: Part 1 Learn how to baste with glue in the Basic Basting with Glue: Part 1. Glue is a great way to baste and sandwich your quilt. Sometimes people are scared of glue because it get goopy, but this tutorial will take away all of your fears.
  6. Basic Basting with Glue: Part 2 Finish basting your quilt with glue in the Basic Basting with Glue: Part 2. Glue is a great way to baste and sandwich your quilt. Sometimes people are scared of glue because it get goopy, but this tutorial will take away all of your fears.
  7. Basic Quilting Steps + 10 Beginner Quilt Patterns If you're just starting to quilt or need a refresher, learning the basic quilting steps is important. Learn how to make a quilt with these tips and patterns.
  8. Basting a Quilt with Homemade Spray Starch Learn how to use spray starch instead of hairspray or glue to baste your quilt. Making a quilt sandwich is a piece of cake when you are basting a quilt with homemade spray starch. This tutorial includes a spray starch recipe and step-by-step instruct
  9. Best Quilt Batting: How to Choose the Right Batting Find the best batting for quilts by looking over pros, cons, and more about the common types. Using the best quilt batting is important for that perfect look.
  10. Diamond Alignment Trick If you're making your first diamond quilt, then you should definitely try this Diamond Alignment Trick. Making a quilt is much simpler with this quick technique. This short tutorial will save you headache and heartache.
  11. Dresden Plate Patterns Decoded Dresden plates can be daunting for new quilters, but not anymore now that there's the Dresden Plate Patterns Decoded quilting tutorial. You'll be confident in making a gorgeous Dresden plate quilt pattern that you can use as part of a quilt.
  12. Folded Pinwheel Tutorial Add a 3D embellishment to your next project with this Folded Pinwheel Tutorial! The beginner quilt project won't take long to make, either.
  13. Fussy Cut Template Tutorial Reinvent your quilting game with this Fussy Cut Template Tutorial. Fussy cut templates are a great way to make an easy quilt. These clear templates will allow you to cut out a square quilt block with graphics at the center.
  14. Fussy Cutting Tutorial Make your next quilt just right after checking out this Fussy Cutting Tutorial! This quilting technique tutorial is easy to follow and is great for beginners.
  15. Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine Getting to know your sewing machine is the first step to becoming a quilter. In this handy article, you will learn all about the sewing machine you will be using. Find out how to thread a sewing machine and how to use a sewing machine!
  16. Guide to Quilt Sizes Nothing's more frustrating than finding a gorgeous quilt pattern that you can't wait to try, only to discover that it's too small to fit your bed. If you can't tell the difference between a full size quilt and a queen size quilt, then you'll love thi
  17. Half Square Triangle Chart This Half Square Triangle Chart is just what you need to help you plan your next quilting project. Our downloadable HST chart shows cut and finished sizes.
  18. How to Adjust Presser Foot Tension "Every type of fabric needs a different tension of the presser foot. Here youll learn how to change the presser foot tension on a sewing machine according to your own project! The presser foot tension simply presses on the fabric so the sewing machin
  19. How to Baste A Quilt on A Table If you're tired of kneeling on the floor and throwing out your back just to baste a quilt, check out this quilting tutorial on how to put together a quilt sandwich without using the floor. Learn how to baste a quilt on a table using binder clips!
  20. How to Baste Quilts Basting a quilt sloppily can cause bunches and wrinkles in your quilt backing or make it hard to quilt the layers together. How to Baste Quilts is a quilting tutorial that will give you tips on basting a quilt using floorboards and angled safety pins
  21. How to Clean Non-Washable Quilts While vintage quilt patterns and art quilts are amongst some of the most gorgeous quilt patterns, they are much too delicate to put into the wash or dry clean. Luckily, this tutorial on How to Clean Non-Washable Quilts demonstrates how easy it is to
  22. How to Cover Zipper Ends With this beginner quilting tutorial on How to Cover Zipper Ends, you can learn how to give your projects a smooth and professional look.
  23. How to Create Flat Seam Intersections If you're tired of ironing and quilting over bumpy, lumpy seams, learn how to create flat seam intersections! This tutorial will teach you how to put together a quilt without bulky seaming by ripping and pressing seams open at four-way corners.
  24. How to Hand Quilt Hexagons Take a blast to the past with this hand sewing tutorial on How to Hand Quilt Hexagons. Everyone wants to know how to quilt for beginners, and the answer is by quilting by hand.
  25. How to Hand Quilt Hexagons Part 2 Take a blast to the past with this hand sewing tutorial on How to Hand Quilt Hexagons. Everyone wants to know how to quilt for beginners, and the answer is by quilting by hand.
  26. How to Hand Quilt Hexagons Part 3 Take a blast to the past with this hand sewing tutorial on How to Hand Quilt Hexagons. Everyone wants to know how to quilt for beginners, and the answer is by quilting by hand.
  27. How to Lay Out Striped Quilt Blocks You will adore this beginner quilt tutorial, How to Lay Out Striped Quilt Blocks. Sewing for beginners can be difficult without clear instruction on layout. This comprehensive tutorial on laying out quilt blocks will save you headaches.
  28. How to Press Seams Open Read the results of a poll on pressing seams open or to the side, and then learn how to press seams open so they lie perfectly flat! These online quilting tips will help you make quilts with perfectly matched corners and beautifully flat, even seams.
  29. How to Remove Rust Stains from Fabric One of the most enjoyable parts of quilting is choosing your fabric, but used or vintage material can sometimes present a challenge. Learn How to Remove Rust Stains from Fabric with this simple tutorial that has only 5 steps!
  30. How to Sandwich and Baste a Quilt Those new to quilting can easily learn How to Sandwich and Baste a Quilt from this simple tutorial. This beginner's tutorial provides tips on how to put together a quilt by layering and securing the fabric for your backing, batting, and quilt top.
  31. How to Sew Box Corners Tutorial The next bag you make will look crisp and professional when you use the How to Sew Box Corners Tutorial! The beginner quilting tutorial is one to use for years.
  32. How to Spray Baste a Quilt Finishing a pattern can be the hardest part of the learning how make a quilt. Learn how to spray baste a quilt with this easy-to-follow tutorial that will take you step by step through the process.
  33. How to Square Up Quilt Blocks This tutorial will teach you How to Square Up Quilt Blocks easily. With the right tools, making quilt blocks is simple. Invest in a quilter's ruler to make perfect square blocks.
  34. How to Tea Dye Quilt Fabric Learn an essential fabric dyeing technique with this tutorial on How to Tea Dye Quilt Fabric. There are many tie dye techniques out there, but the great thing about this one is that it uses all natural products. Tea is an easy and non-toxic fabric dy
  35. How to Tie a Quilt Tutorial Give your quilts a luxurious feel after you take a look at this How to Tie a Quilt Tutorial! This quilt tip for beginners is easy to follow, too.
  36. Large Quilted Letters Quilting a name is one of the simplest ways to personalize an easy quilt pattern. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use a basic paper template to quilt Large Quilted Letters onto any quilt block pattern.
  37. Machine Quilting Tips There are hundreds of different kinds of sewing machines out there and they all run differently. This doesn't mean you have to give up on your latest quilting pattern; just make sure you have these Machine Quilting Tips nearby.
  38. Making a Square for a Group Quilt Project Learn all about Making a Square for a Group Quilt Project in this tutorial. This quilting tutorial is designed to help beginners learn about group quilting.
  39. Making Your Seams Match No matter what kind of quilt you're working on, you'll have to deal with seams. Luckily, you'll never have to worry about uneven lines or loose threads if you take a look at this quick tutorial for Making Your Seams Match.
  40. Miniature Half Square Triangles Every quilting beginner should learn how to make Miniature Half Square Triangles to expand their knowledge of fun quilt block designs. This tutorial gives great instructions on cutting and sewing these tiny angular pieces to make interesting patterns
  41. Pieced Quilt Back You've finished the beautiful front of your quilt, and now you're probably wondering how to finish a quilt. Create a beautiful backside for your quilt with this Pieced Quilt Back tutorial.
  42. Pin Basting Your Quilt Layers Don't find yourself struggling to put together your latest free quilt pattern. Instead, take some time to read over this excellent quilting tutorial for Pin Basting Your Quilt Layers. You'll be ready to start quilting your top together in no time.
  43. Prepping a Quilt Back Learn how to put together a quilt backing before basting and quilting a quilt. Prepping a Quilt Back is an important step of learning how to make a quilt. This tutorial explains how to measure and piece together backing fabric.
  44. Printable Quilting Charts You'll love the quilting tips and tricks from these Printable Quilting Charts. This project will give you the essential information that you'll need when making a quilt.
  45. Quilt Backing Yardage Requirements With this chart of quilt backing yardage requirements, you'll never be left wondering how much fabric is needed to make a quilt back for a particular top. There is even a second chart for wide quilt backs that measure over six feet across.
  46. Quilt Size Chart Know what type of quilt you want to make and how much fabric you need by downloading this informative quilt size chart. Learning your quilt sizes is so helpful.
  47. Smart Quilting Layouts Learn one of many Smart Quilting Layouts in this lesson. This beginning quilt tutorial gives you an idea how to put together quilt blocks in an interesting and cool way. If you want tips for quilting, look no further than this comprehensive tutorial.
  48. Spray Basting Tutorial This spray basting tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about making a quilt sandwich using basting spray. Use dumbells and a few quilting pins to align your quilt top, batting, and backing and then spray for super easy quilting!
  49. Spray Basting Your Quilt Having even layers within your quilt is essential to a clean finished product. To ensure that your quilt is wrinkle-free and ready to be finished, take a quick look at this tutorial for Spray Basting Your Quilt.
  50. The Basting Trick That Will Save Your Life You've finished your quilt top, and now you have to add batting and backing. Use The Basting Trick That Will Save Your Life to put everything together. This technique uses a simple wooden frame that you can stretch your quilt out on.
  51. The Ultimate Guide to Precut Fabric Many quilters turn to precut fabrics. Precuts are typically much more budget-friendly than buying individual yards of fabric and come with cute prints and patterns in gorgeous colors.
  52. Thread Basics Quilters who are planning their next project with embroidery machine designs or free motion quilting patterns should take a look at these Thread Basics.
  53. Tips for Sewing Vinyl Learn how to incorporate vinyl in your next quilt project when you take a look at these Tips for Sewing Vinyl! This beginner quilting technique is one to try.
  54. Top 25 Quilting Blogs of 2017 If you're looking for the best quilt blogs, then you need to see our choices for the top 25 of this year! These quilt designers are talented and inspiring.
  55. Trick to Making Perfect Circles Making that perfectly round design is so important, but not easy, which is why this Trick to Making Perfect Circles is something you have to see.
  56. Video Tutorial: Basting Quilts with Safety Pins This video tutorial demonstrates how to baste a quilt with extra-large safety pins. Melanie Ham shows how to put together a quilt sandwich, tape it to the floor, and pin at regular intervals.
  57. What is a Quilting Bee? A quilting bee is a social gathering for sewists to get together, work on their quilts, learn new techniques, and chat. Learn all about the tradition here.
  58. What Seam Allowance is Used in Quilting? The standard seam allowance for quilting is a 1/4-inch. However, there are several factors when considering quilting seam allowance. We will answer all your questions including, what seam allowance is used in quilting? and other related queries.
  59. What Thread to Use for Quilting Find out what thread to use for quilting, including both hand and machine quilting. Learn about types of thread, material, and the best thread for quilting.

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