20+ English Paper Piecing Patterns and Tutorials


20+ English Paper Piecing Patterns and Tutorials

These English paper piecing projects are easy to follow because there are tutorials and clear instructions.

20 English Paper Piecing Patterns and Tutorials

Though some styles of quilting can be more complex than others, the time and love you put into your masterpiece makes the finished product all the more rewarding.

With these 20+ English Paper Piecing Patterns and Tutorials, everyone from beginners to veterans can try their hand at these lovely and intricate paper piecing projects.

Of course, this type of quilting takes a degree of accuracy and a good eye for style, but that doesn't mean young quilters can't master it with a little bit of practice.

Thanks to their stunning finished look, these traditional types of quilts are still living on and going strong among quilters.

With their precise, sharp points and intricate designs these projects are not for the faint of heart; however, quilters of any experience level can learn how to do English paper piecing with the help of this list of informative tutorials.

What is English Paper Piecing?

Hand Sewing Hexagons

Before we get to the tutorials and patterns, let's go over what exactly paper piecing is. ​English paper piecing is a type of quilting technique where a design is printed on a piece of paper and used as a guide.

Quilters can purchase these prints, or create them on their home computer. Though a variety of different shapes can be used when creating an English paper piecing quilt pattern or paper pieced quilt blocks, hexagons are the most common.

To create a tight, clean look, quilters usually wrap pieces of fabric around the octagon cut-out shapes so they can accurately trip their fabric with straight edges and corners. The beauty of English paper piecing quilt patterns is that quilters can use a variety of different fabrics, allowing them to save some cash by using scraps from around the house instead of purchasing additional fabric.

Once finished, the eclectic collection of hexagons creates a beautiful, impressive, and eye-catching design.

English Paper Piecing Tutorial Projects

English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 2

These English paper piecing projects have easy-to-understand tutorials, which means they are perfect for beginners. For quilters just beginning to explore the paper piecing style, we've got plenty of how-to quilting guides that break down English paper piecing.

It's not hard at all to learn how to quilt in new styles when you've got the right tools, and below are some of these easy-to-follow tutorials, so you can master this age-old craft with no trouble at all. You can make the cutest hexagonal shapes, like these floral Hexies, which are taught in a two-part tutorial (see English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 1 and 2 below).

English Paper Piecing Prep

The possibilities are endless when you paper piece these tiny, geometric shapes to make hexagon quilt patterns full of colorful design and intriguing details.

Drawing Hexagon Templates

Practice the steps that are applied to making hexagon quilt blocks and you'll find yourself making cleaner lines and more even shapes than ever.

Step by Step English Paper Piecing Tutorial

Learning how to paper piece is easy with this Step by Step English Paper Piecing Tutorial provided by our friends from AQS.

Hand Sewing Hexagons

This is a quick approach to hexagons of any size, and you won't even need to break out the sewing machine!

English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 1

One of the most common uses for free hexagon quilt patterns is English paper piecing, and with English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 1, you'll learn how to make them in minutes.

English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 2

Once you've learned how to easily hand stitch some hexagon quilt patterns for your next English paper piecing pattern, use English Paper Piecing Hexies Part 2 to begin making a hexagon flower garden quilt pattern.

Ladder Stitching Hexagons

Using a ladder stitch, you can create invisible stitches that will link your hexagons into flowers for a grandmother's flowers quilt.

Handy Hexie Tips

PLUS! Before you start on your next English paper piecing pattern or hexagon quilt block, stop what you're doing and read these Handy Hexie Tips.

English Paper Piecing Patterns

Strip of Hexies Dish Towel

Now that you've seen some tutorials, let's move onto some slightly more complex patterns. Don't fret, though, as these are still easy. They are also simple designs that you will love, like this adorable Strip of Hexies Dish Towel.

It's hard not to fall in love with the intricacy and history behind these types of quilts. Though English paper piecing seems complex, there is a slew of beginner quilting patterns out there for those who are still breaking their teeth but are dying to give these types of quilts and designs a try. Take a look at our favorite projects below.

Bunny English Paper Piecing Tutorial

The Bunny English Paper Piecing tutorial shows you how to make the cutest little bunny rabbit for any of your quilts or fabric projects.

Last Minute Gift Kindle Cover

You can use a multitude of your own scrap quilt patterns create a colorful design for a hexagon flower quilt pattern and choose an assortment of pretty ribbons to complete this useful and unique Kindle cover.

Hexie Mug Rug Pattern

The Hexie Mug Rug Pattern features a honeycomb of paper pieced hexagons in your favorite fabrics.

Fruity Grapes Quilted Placemat

Use the English paper piecing technique and your favorite purple fabric patterns to create this fun and fruity design. 

Mini Honeycomb Hexie Quilt

Keep this free hexagon quilt pattern handy because you may want to use it later on in the year when you want to incorporate your scraps into a new project.

Rainbow of Hexies Patchwork Table Runner

Finding your room to be a little drab? Add a splash of color just where you need it with the Rainbow of Hexies Patchwork Table Runner. 

Quickie Hexie Flower Quilt Block

Brighten up a springy quilt or add a little femininity to a smaller pattern by using this as an applique quilt design.

Hexie Snowflake Decorations

These Hexie snowflake ornaments are made by embroidering a simple snowflake on a single burlap hexie. 

Classic English Flex Frame Pouch

The always stylish English paper piecing technique style can help you take some scrap quilting pieces and turn them into an ultra chic and convenient pouch.

Happy Mini Hexies

As you learn a valuable technique for your future quilting projects, you'll create a mini flower that you can use to embellish a bag or garment.

English Paper Applique Tote

The homemade pieced bag makes a great DIY gift idea as well, because friends and family are always in need of bags to carry their spare supplies.

Hexie Tree Skirt Pattern

Whether you want to go with a traditional tree skirt pattern of reds and greens or want to try out the wintery blues of the Snowflake Tree skirt, this expert tutorial has everything you need.

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