Snow Friends Tree Skirt


Snow Friends Tree Skirt

Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you see the adorable Snow Friends Tree Skirt. Cute snowmen will be the stars of this Christmas tree skirt pattern that really draws the eye in with impressive piecework. You can use classic Christmas colors or go for a more contemporary approach that will really set your Christmas decor apart from everyone else. If you've been looking for a way to show off your quilting skills on a smaller scale, a quilted tree skirt pattern this extravagant is the perfect choice.

Snow Friends Tree Skirt

Finished Size: 59" Octagon

Snow Friends Tree Skirt

Snow Friends Tree Skirt



WOF = Width of fabric.

Note: Use a ¼" seam allowance throughout unless
otherwise directed.

22734-RB Snow Friends panel

  • Cut (8) 10" x 10" F panels, centering the panel design.
  • Cut 2 of these F panels from the bottom section of the panel.

22736-S Yellow message swirl

  • Cut (2) 2¾" x WOF strips. Re-cut strips into (8)2 ¾" x 10" C strips.

22738-H Green swirl tonal

  • Cut 4 A2 triangles using the pattern given; cut online labeled “A1/A2 cutting line."
  • Cut (8) 2¾" x WOF strips. Re-cut each strip into1 each 2 ¾" x 12" D strip and 2 ½" x 25" J strip.

22737-GV Stripe

  • Cut (1) 12 ." x WOF strip. Re-cut strip into (8)5 ¼" I/IR rectangles.
  • Cut (8) 2½" x WOF strips. Trim strips to 2½" x27" K strips.

22738-P Pink swirl tonal

  • Cut 4 A1 triangles using the pattern given; cut online labeled “A1/A2 cutting line."
  • Cut (3) 2¾" x WOF strips. Re-cut strips into 4each 2¾" x 8" B2 and 2¾" x 14" E2 strips.

22738-V Lavender swirl tonal

  • Cut (3) 2¾" x WOF strips. Re-cut strips into 4each 2¾" x 8" B1 and 2¾" x 14" E1 strips.

21272-R Red tonal

  • Cut (4) 2" x WOF strip. Re-cut strips into (16) 2"x 10 ½" G strips.
  • Cut (1) 13" x WOF strip. Re-cut strip into (16) 2"x 13" H strips.

22738-V Lavender swirl tonal

  • Cut (2) 64" lengths for backing.

Making the Panel Wedges

  1. Referring to Diagram 1, center and sew a B1 strip
    to A1; add C, D and finally E1 to make an A1
    unit. Repeat to make a total of four A1 units.

    Snow Friends Tree Skirt
  2. Repeat step 1 with A2, B2, C, D and E2 pieces to
    make an A2 unit (Diagram 2).

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  3. Cut (4) 5¼" x 12 ." I/IR rectangles in half from
    the upper left corner to the lower right corner
    to make a total of 8 I triangles. Repeat with the
    remaining four I/IR rectangles, cutting from the
    upper right corner to the lower left corner to
    make 8 IR triangles (Diagram 3).

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  4. Sew a G strip to opposite sides and H strips to
    the top and bottom of one F panel; press seams
    toward G and H strips. Trim the framed panel
    to 12¼" wide x 11 ." high, centering the panel
    when trimming (Diagram 4). Repeat to make a
    total of eight framed panels.

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  5. Sew an I and IR triangle to 1 framed panel
    (Diagram 5). Press seams toward I and IR.
    Repeat on all framed panels.

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  6. Center and sew a J strip and then a K strip to the
    bottom of the I/IR framed panel to complete a
    panel unit (Diagram 6). Press seams toward J and
    K strips.

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  7. Sew a panel unit to the E1 edge of each A1 unit
    and to the E2 edge of each A2 unit to complete
    the A1 and A2 wedge units (Diagram 7).

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  8. Select one A1 wedge unit. Align a long
    straightedge with the edge of A1 and the edge
    of I; trim excess on this side of the wedge unit
    (Diagram 8). Repeat on the opposite side to
    complete one A1 wedge.

    Snow Friend Tree Skirt
  9. Repeat step 8 with all wedge units to complete
    a total of 4 each A1 and A2 wedges. Note: The
    edges on each wedge piece are bias and are easily
    stretched. Handle pieces with care.

Completing the Tree Skirt

Note: Refer to the tree skirt drawing for positioning
of units.

  1. Sew an A1 wedge to an A2 wedge to make a
    quarter-unit; press seam open. Repeat to make a
    total of (4) quarter-units.
  2. Join (2) quarter-units to make a half-unit; repeat.
    Press seams open. Join the two half-units, leaving
    (1) seam open to complete the tree-skirt top.
    Press seam open.
  3. Layer, pin and baste the tree-skirt top on a 68"square
    piece of batting. Quilt as desired. Trim
    batting edges even with the tree skirt top edges.
  4. Remove the selvage edges from the backing
    pieces. Join the pieces on the 64" edges with a ½"
    seam allowance. Press seam open. Trim to make
    a 64" x 64" backing piece.
  5. Place the backing piece right sides together with
    the quilted tree skirt top; stitch all around, leaving
    a 10" opening on 1 side. Trim backing even with
    center circle and outer edges of the quilted top.
  6. Turn right side out through the opening. Press
    edges flat. Turn the opening seam allowance to
    the inside ¼" and hand- or machine-stitch the
    opening closed. Press edges again.
  7. Quilt in the ditch of some of the seams to attach
    the backing to the quilted layers. Topstitch
    around outer edges.
  8. Align and stitch 3 sets of Velcro tabs to the open
    side edges for closing the opening during use.


Completing As A Topper

  1. Use the entire A1/A2 template when cutting
  2. Complete the wedge units and join as for tree
    skirt except do not leave an open seam. There
    will be no opening in the center or open side
  3. Quilt the topper as for the tree skirt except do not
    clip any curved seams or attach any Velcro tabs.

Note: Print template at 100 percent and with page scaling displayed at “None.”

(click image for full size)

Snow Friends Tree Skirt

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