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  1. Fusible Applique Learn to use fusibles. Fusible webbing is a great product that helps you in applique patterns. Heat from your iron activates the glue-like fusible so that you can adhere two pieces of fabric together. Add fusible applique to your quilt making skills.
  2. Hand Applique Learn how to create beautiful hand applique for quilts. These free hand applique patterns will provide plenty of hand applique tips, techniques, and designs for original hand applique quilts.
  3. Machine Applique Improve your machine applique technique using our free machine applique patterns. Learn how to machine applique and add machine applique to your quilt projects with our free machine applique designs.
  4. Quilted Toys If you're looking for toys to sew for toddlers, try these free patterns for sewing stuffed toys. Handcrafted soft toys are safe, cuddly, and fun for babies and small children! Start one of these easy baby quilt patterns today!
  5. Quilts For Baby Make baby quilts using these easy baby quilt patterns. Unique baby quilts are a great way to welcome the new addition to the family. We have traditional baby quilts, baby boy quilts, and baby girl quilts.
  6. Nap Mats A pattern for a nap mat is a great kids quilt project. Quilt a nap mat for your favorite kid. These child nap mats are great for daycare, preschool, and even home! These free quilting patterns will teach you how to sew for kids!
  7. Full or Double Make full bed quilts for your full bed or double bed. A full-size quilt or double-bed quilt will allow you to customize your bedroom decor. Sew bed comforters and quilts using our free quilting patterns for full bed quilts.
  8. King and larger Make a luxury king size quilt for your bedroom. Use free quilting patterns to make quilts for king size beds as well as california king quilts and oversized king quilts. These free king size quilt patterns are beautiful for the master bed!
  9. Queen Make a queen size bed quilt for your budoir. Our free quilt patterns fit a queen bed so you can decorate your bedroom with handcrafted charm. These queen size quilted bed covers are sure to beautify any bedroom!
  10. Twin Twin size quilt patterns are great for kids beds and college bunks. Here you can find twin quilts and extra-long twin quilts. Make twin sized bed comforters and quilts using our free quilt patterns.
  11. Quilted Accessories Quilt accessories to wear. Make quilted accessories such as headbands, belts, jewelry, and more. These free quilt patterns also include women's and men's quilted slippers and quilted apron patterns.
  12. Quilted Clothing Make your own quilted or patchwork clothing! These free quilt patterns include women's cotton quilted jackets, ladies quilted vests, and other quilt patterns to sew for your wardrobe!
  13. String Quilt Patterns Find all the free string quilt patterns you need here! String quilting is a great way to use up fabric scraps, and scrap string quilts have a distinctive pattern that is loved by quilters everywhere!
  14. For the Kitchen Sewing for kitchen items is easy with our free quilting patterns. Check out our free quilted pot holder patterns and free tea cozy sewing patterns. Learn how to sew an oven mitt with our free quilt patterns!
  15. Quilted Pillows Making quilted pillows is easy and rewarding. Use our quilted pillow tutorials to make quilted toss pillows, learn how to sew pillow shams, and learn how to sew a cushion. We also have free patchwork pillow patterns.
  16. Table and Placemats Find free table topper quilt patterns like patchwork quilted runners, free quilted placemat patterns, mug rug patterns, quick coasters patterns, easy tablemat quilt patterns, and much more to make your dining room table look beautiful!
  17. Bed Quilts Make some Christmas bed quilt patterns. Get started on Christmas bed quilts today with our collection of free xmas quilt patterns. Try a Christmas tree quilt pattern or other free quilt patterns for the Christmas season.
  18. Other Decorations We have even more Christmas quilt decorations. If you're looking for Christmas quilt table runner patterns, Christmas quilt throws, Christmas nativity quilts, or quilted Christmas table toppers, you're in the right place!
  19. Quilted Ornaments Make some free quilted Christmas ornaments! We have plenty of quilt ornament patterns for your holiday celebration. Making quilted ornaments is the perfect Christmas season quilting project!
  20. Quilted Stockings Pieced Christmas stocking, appliqued Christmas stockings, or quilted Christmas stockings are great for hanging at the hearth and giving as gifts.
  21. Tree Skirt Learn how to make a Christmas tree skirt with our quilt tree skirt free patterns. These quilted tree skirt patterns include free Christmas tree skirt applique patterns and other free Christmas quilt patterns for tree skirts.
  22. Wallhangings Sew a Christmas wall hanging quilt panel for this holiday season. Try large Christmas tree wall hanging quilts for a festive spirit. Quilt wall banners for Christmas are also great. Check out all our free Christmas quilt patterns.
  23. Halloween Quilting Quilt Halloween panels for this spooky holiday! Make Halloween paperpiecing quilts, pumpkin quilt patterns, halloween applique patterns, and witch quilt patterns. Try these fun Halloween holiday quilting projects!
  24. Independence Day Whether you call it 4th of July or Independence Day, celebrate it with patriotic patch quilts. We have plenty of 4th of July quilts and red white and blue quilt patterns. Try quilted picnic blankets for watching fireworks!
  25. Quilt for Easter Quilt for Easter this year! We have some great Easter projects to sew and holiday quilting projects for Easter. Make bunny quilts and Easter quilts. You could even quilt an Easter basket!
  26. Thanksgiving Day Make a Thanksgiving quilt for your home. Our great thanksgiving projects for quilting will have you making turkey quilt patterns and plenty more holiday quilting projects. We have so many free quilt patterns for Thanksgiving!
  27. Valentines Make quilted valentine cards for your loved ones. These wonderful valentine quilt patterns are perfect for Valentine's Day. Our Valentine's Day appliques are adorable too! Show your love with these holiday quilting projects.
  28. Fall Quilts This autumn, fall in love with these lovely fall quilts. These orange, brown, and yellow seasonal quilt sets have the cutest leaf quilt patterns, country style quilts, autumn quilted wall hanging patterns, leaf appliques, and pumpkin quilt blocks.
  29. Spring Quilts Springtime quilts are a great way to celebrate the warm weather! We have lots of free quilt patterns featuring flower garden quilt patterns, animal quilt patterns, Easter quilt patterns, and other spring quilting designs to brighten up your home.
  30. Summer Quilts Making quilts with a summer theme is so fun and versatile! We have beach quilts, picnic blanket quilts, summer wallhanging quilt patterns, quilted beach bags, and other seasonal quilt sets to help you have fun in the sun.
  31. Winter Quilts Cozy winter quilts keep you warm during the coldest season! With snowman quilt patterns, snowflake quilt patterns, and beautiful blue and white quilt patterns, these easy quilts with a winter theme are great projects to work on a snowy day.
  32. Applique Basics Learn applique basics from our tutorials and videos. Get the best machine applique techniques and applique quilt techniques. You can also learn how to create an applique. Get the best hand applique tips from our quilting tutorials.
  33. Beginner Basics Learn the basics of quilting. We have super easy quilting tutorials. You can learn how to quilt a quilt, how to put together a quilt, and what basic supplies for quilting you should buy. Learn hand quilting basics and how to machine quilt.
  34. Binding Learn different binding methods. Our quilt binding tutorials will teach you straight-of-grain binding, bias binding, and French fold binding. Find out how to sew binding on a quilt. Get easy quilt binding instructions here!
  35. Borders Learn how to create easy quilt borders for your quilting patterns. We have plenty of quilt border ideas and simple quilt borders. Check out our quilting tutorials to find out how to add simple, attractive borders to your quilts.
  36. Labels, Sleeves, Etc. Learn to make labels, sleeves and more for your quilts. Personalized quilt labels are very important to tell the story of your quilt. If you're wondering how to hang a quilt, learn how to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt to display it.
  37. Organizing Organizing your quilting room is very important! Learn how to organize a sewing craft room. Organize your sewing supplies and figure out how to organize fabric scraps for quilting projects.
  38. Piecing Learn the basics of piecing. This section will show you how to paper piece quilts and make other pieced quilts. If you're looking for instructions on hand piecing a quilt, you can find them among our quilting tutorials here!
  39. Quilting by Hand Quilting by hand is an important skill to learn. Our quilting tutorials include instructions on how to hand quilt that will teach you the hand quilting basics. If you've been wondering how to quilt by hand, check out our tips!
  40. Quilting by Machine There's a lot to learn about quilting by machine. Whether you want to know how to machine quilt with a regular sewing machine or long-arm quilting machine, we have the basics of machine quilting in our quilting tutorials.
  41. Rotary Cutting Learn Rotary Cutting techniques. Most quilting involves cutting strips with rotary cutters. Learn how to cut quilt binding and other fabric pieces for your quilting projects. Also learn about rotary cutting mats or self healing mats.


  1. 3 Pin Binding Method The 3 Pin Binding Method is a great way to finish a quilt without emptying your pin cushion. This neat little technique will making learning how to bind a quilt a breeze.
  2. Adding Scalloped Binding to Your Quilt Not all of your quilt borders have to be straight and pointed. With this tutorial for Adding Scalloped Binding to Your Quilt, you'll learn how to bind a quilt to create a consistently rounded border on the edge of your quilt.
  3. Bias Tape Part 1: Cutting the Fabric You don't have to resort to pre-made bias binding for your next quilted project! This wonderful quilting tutorial allows you to make patterned bias tape using either a bias tape tool or bias tape machine. Part 1 outlines how to cut bias binding.
  4. Bias Tape Part 2: Machine Method Bias Tape Part 2: Machine Method shows you how to make bias tape using a double fold bias tape maker. Using this quilting tutorial, you can make patterned bias tape to match your quilts and sewing projects instead of using store-bought bias tape!
  5. Bias Tape Part 3: Hand Tool Method Bias Tape Part 3: Hand Tool Method provides instructions on how to make bias tape using a bias tape tool. Use this simple and economical method to make continuous bias binding for a quilt or patterned bias tape to match your sewing projects!
  6. Bias Tape Part 4: Sewing the Tape Whether you've made patterned bias tape using a double fold bias tape maker or a bias tape tool, this tutorial will give you tips for quilt binding using homemade bias tape. Method 1 works best for small items and Method 2 is best for thicker quilts.
  7. Binding a Quilt with a Longarm Machine This quilt binding tutorial will explain how to bind quilts using a longarm quilting machine. If you are already quilting on a longarm, binding a quilt with a longarm machine saves time rearranging the quilt to fit under a domestic machine.
  8. Binding and Hanging a Mini Quilt Do you know what to do once you've finished your latest wall hanging? Find out with this tutorial for Binding and Hanging a Mini Quilt. You won't have to worry about damaging your wall quilts or your walls if you follow these quilt binding directions
  9. Binding on the Bias A popular method for binding quilts is by adding fabric that's been cut on the bias. If you're struggling to figure out a good approach, use the method provided in this tutorial on Binding on the Bias.
  10. Blanket Style Binding From baby blankets to table runners, knowing how to bind a quilt is fundamental for any quilter to know. This helpful guide on Blanket Style Binding explains how to bind a quilt to protect the edges of all your quilting projects.
  11. Customize Your Quilt Binding Have you ever wondered how some quilters have been able to match their quilt binding to the patterns in their quilts? Just follow the steps in this tutorial on how to Customize Your Quilt Binding and you'll be able to add impressive new details.
  12. Double Fold Binding Tutorial Part 1 Quilters approach their quilt binding different depending on skill level, as well as their personal preferences. Many find double fold binding to be economical and beginner-friendly, which is why you should take a look at this Double Fold Binding Tut
  13. Double Fold Binding Tutorial Part 2 Many find double fold binding to be economical and beginner-friendly, which is why you should take a look at this Double Fold Binding Tutorial. Part 2 will show you how to successfully finish binding your quilt.
  14. Easy Tutorials for Quilt Binding, Hanging Pockets, and Striped Binding Strips Practice your fundamental quilting techniques by checking out these Easy Tutorials for Quilt Binding, Hanging Pockets, and Striped Binding Strips.
  15. How to Bind a Quilt Figuring out how to bind a quilt properly is one of the most difficult step in finishing a quilt. But have no fear! This tutorial will walk you step by step through the sometimes tricky process.
  16. How to Bind a Quilt with Cording Add interest and dimension to your next quilt with this alternative binding method. Instead of sewing a double-fold binding onto your quilt, encase a length of cording inside bias tape and use it to trim your quilt.
  17. How to Bind a Quilt With Flanges Learn how to bind a quilt with flanges using this clear, easy-to-follow tutorial! The look of double fold quilt binding adds a layer of complexity to your quilt without adding a ton of tricky steps or stress.
  18. How to Bind a Rag Quilt How to Bind a Rag Quilt makes binding a quilt easy! Many newbie quilters are intimidated by the tricky process of finishing a quilt, but with this quick how-to you can learn a technique that will have you binding quilts like a pro.
  19. How to Make and Attach Double Fold Binding Learn How to Make and Attach Double Fold Binding to edge your finished quilts with your very own binding. This tutorial breaks down the process of creating the binding of quilt borders with exact cutting instructions and fabric yardage.
  20. How to Make Quick Bias Binding Learn how to make bias binding with this quilt binding tutorial. How to Make Quick Bias Binding shows you a fast method for creating bias binding out of a striped fabric. The resulting bias binding will be cut in strips with diagonal edges that are e
  21. How to Self Bind A Quilt Learn how to self bind a quilt using coordinating quilt backing that eliminates the need to purchase or cut binding. This quilt binding tutorial will teach you how to finish a quilt by folding over excess backing to the front of the quilt as binding.
  22. How to: Quilt Binding Video Tutorial Learn the basics of how to bind a quilt using 2-1/2" wide binding. Melanie Ham demonstrates how to zigzag stitch your quilt edging, secure your binding with clips, machine stitch the front, miter the corners, and hand stitch the back.
  23. Ice Cream Cone Binding As you get more advanced in your quilting, you'll notice how many different types of quilt binding techniques there are. Try your hand at a particularly fun variation with this tutorial for Ice Cream Cone Binding.
  24. Making a Wrapped Binding Making a Wrapped Binding is an interesting no-sew way to bind art quilts and other fun quilts. These quilt binding instructions eliminate the need for traditional binding and allow you to create wavy edges using Timtex to stabilize the quilt sandwich
  25. Making Faced Binding This quilt binding tutorial on Making Faced Binding is great for binding art quilts because it doesn't show up on the front side of the quilt as a border. This easy quilt binding technique works especially well for quilts you intend to display.
  26. Perfect Machine Stitched Binding Try a less complex way of creating a smooth, even perimeter by machine binding. This tutorial explains how you can complete this task, rather than machine stitching the binding to the front and hand-stitching the binding to the back.
  27. Quilt Binding Part 1: Straight Grain Binding Knowing how to bind a quilt is essential in creating a clean and professional-looking design, so we recommend you check out Quilt Binding Part 1: Straight Grain Binding to improve your skills.
  28. Quilt Binding Part 2: Attaching Your Binding With Quilt Binding Part 2: Attaching Your Binding, you can now use the quilt binding you've created to create a simple border for your latest quilt pattern. This quilting tutorial shows you how to sew binding on a quilt front so that your binding wil
  29. Quilt Binding Tutorial This simple Quilt Binding Tutorial will give you tips for quilt binding. It gives you handy guidelines for dimensions and and instructions on how to cut quilt binding and how to sew binding on a quilt.
  30. Quilt Binding with a Machine Check out this super easy tutorial to learn how to accurately sew Quilt Binding with a Machine.
  31. Scrappy Binding Quilters with a passion for all things scrappy will love this quick and crafty approach to making Scrappy Binding. This quilt tutorial will help you whip up colorful quilt binding suitable for your most colorful quilt patterns.
  32. Single Fold Binding Tutorial If you want to make your first mini quilt, using a double fold quilt binding may cause difficulties during the quilting process. Save yourself time by reading this Single Fold Binding Tutorial to learn how to bind a quilt with less fabric.
  33. Video Tutorial: Couching Yarn on Quilt Binding In this video tutorial about couching yarn on quilt binding, Christian Tamez explains how to use a yarn couching foot and attachment for a sewing machine. He demonstrates as he couches yarn onto a quilt binding to embellish and cover up a puckered bi

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